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Yogurt World

Yogurt World

4646 Convoy St
Ste 113
San Diego, CA 92111

While it may seem that there now exists a fro-yo joint around every corner, the Yogurt World on Convoy is probably the most popular amongst them.  (there are some other locations in SD, but I haven’t tried them and they aren’t as popular.)  This is evidenced by its over 300 reviews on yelp and its crowded lines in the evenings.  It is rightly named “Yogurt World” as it boasts a huge variety of flavors and toppings.  It is definitely one of my top three yogurt places to go to when I’m craving fro-yo.  If I were to ignore other variables such as cost, parking spaces, convenience, Yogurt World would be my #1 choice, as it is comes the closest of all the yogurt places to providing my favorite flavors and toppings.  However, because it is located in a plaza with a horrific tiny parking lot, and because it does cost .38/oz, which is on the high end for these self-serve yogurt places, I don’t visit it as much as I would like and often go to Tutti Frutti or Yogurtland instead.

I haven’t been here in a few months, and the other day I found myself in the area.  While in line at Tapioca Express, I saw some girls in front of me eating yogurt, and noticed that Yogurt World had changed their cups! No longer the plain, ugly white styrofoam, they now had pretty blue cups with clouds and their logo!  This of course, persuaded me that I had to go and get some yogurt and take some pictures too for my blog.


Yogurt World has a lot of flavors.  Most of them stay the same, but they occasionally rotate and change a few.  My favorites are the taro and green tea and they always seem to have these flavors when I go.  I also like the berry variations that have no sugar added.  These taste more like yogurt than ice cream though. This time I saw a cake mix flavor.  I’m not really sure what cake mix flavor is supposed to taste like, but I decided to give it a try.  I enjoyed it.  And I loved the color.  It’s a very beautiful, pure white color.  Whiter than vanilla or plain yogurt flavors.  It is also super creamy and on the sweet side.  So if you don’t like that, then I don’t recommend this flavor.

Here are the flavors available the day I went:


Yogurt World has a huge array of toppings.  I don’t usually get any of the candy/cereal type toppings. Instead, I stick to the fresh fruit, flavored jellies, canned lychee and longan, and of course my all time favorite: coconut de nato.


If you want to avoid the crowds and the horrible parking, I suggest coming in the afternoon before the dinner crowd.  This place has a lot of little restaurants and a tiny parking lot, so parking is a mess at night.

Here are some additional pics:

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