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Yogurtland Hello Kitty promotion

Yogurtland has partnered with Hello Kitty this summer, offering limited edition spoons and cups at Yogurtland from the end of July through August. You might remember I went a little crazy last year during the Yogurtland Tokidoki promotion.

As soon as I heard about the Hello Kitty promotion, I headed straight for Yogurtland. I chose to go to the Mira Mesa location because during the Tokidoki promotion, the Mira Mesa had more of the promotion stuff and were more flexible about giving out the spoons.

The cups are designed with four Hello Kitty characters. Currently, there are two spoons being offered: Hello Kitty and Chococat. On August 11, they will be introducing the Melody and Kerropi spoons.

In addition to the spoons and cups, the Mira Mesa location was also offering plush toys and shirts. The shirts were super cute, featuring each of the four characters each sitting in a yogurt cup. The plush ones feature Hello Kitty in a Yogurtland uniform. (Sorry no pictures of the merchandise because they were in front of the register and I felt weird taking a picture with the employees standing right there.)


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15 comments on “Yogurtland Hello Kitty promotion”

  1. Many locations are being strict about the spoons. I got 2 Hk spoons but want more lol. It’s a great idea imo

  2. I wanted to go to the Mira Mesa location but we didn’t have time. Good to know that they are more flexible with the spoons. I will definitely go there for my Keroppi spoon!

    • Yeah, that’s why I like this location. They let you choose which spoon you want and sometimes are nice enough to give you extra so you can eat with one and bring one home. I can’t wait until the Keroppi and My Melody ones come out!

  3. I love Chococat! Well, and Hello Kitty classic. Duh. 😉 But why does Chococat have glasses on the spoon???

    There is a Yogurtland near my house. It’s been awfully warm. 😉

    • Hm, I think it’s supposed to just be his eyes, but the emphasis on the circle does make it look like glasses.

  4. Great post! There is no way I would miss this promotion since I’m a huge Keroppi fan. August 11 that is. I marked it down on my calendar =)

  5. how cute! unfortunately there isn’t a yogurtland within driving distance to me here in nyc….i’m trying to get my friend who lives in LA to send me some of the merchandise!

  6. Thanks for the heads up! Too bad they didn’t have this promotion when my nieces, who are big Hello Kitty fans, were visiting SD. I guess I’ll have to force myself to go to Yogurtland to get the spoons for them!

    • Aw that is too bad that they missed out on the promo. The Mira Mesa employees were nice enough to give me an extra set of spoons. Some of the other locations, during the Tokidoki promo, they wouldn’t let you choose your spoon, wouldn’t give an extra, etc.

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