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photo of dish served at Your StoryYour Story softly opened last week. The sit-down restaurant is from the owner of the Up2You cafes and focuses on featuring savory Asian fusion dishes.

photo of the outside of Your Story
It’s located in the same plaza as Bing Haus, and we’ve been peeking in at the progress the last few months. I was especially intrigued after they set up this enormous robot statute. I didn’t recognize the character, but my friend told me it is Voltes V.
photo of Voltes V statue
photo of two other character statues
The interior of the restaurant makes me feel like I have been transported to a cafe in Japan. It’s full of larger than life Japanese characters, anime and more.
photo collage of the decor inside Your Storyyour-story-sd-collage-2
The menu though, is a little more realistic (in a good way). It features a lot of Asian dishes (mainly Thai) with a twist.

Morning Glory
Morning Glory
Morning glory, also known as water spinach, served tempura style along with fried shrimp tempura and a side of lime vinaigrette. Water spinach is a pretty common vegetable used in Asian cuisine, but I’ve never eaten it fried before. I thought the tempura was well executed. It was light, crispy and not too greasy.

We really enjoyed the vinaigrette. The acidity and spice cut into the fat and tasted wonderful with the tempura batter.

Chicken Satay Brick Toast
Chicken Satay Brick Toast
If you’ve been to the Up2You cafes, you know they are known for their honey brick toast. I was looking forward to trying a savory version and they currently offer three kinds.

The thick slice of bread is buttered and toasted and topped with cheese, chicken satay, cucumber salad and a side of peanut butter sauce. I felt like their needed to be a little more chicken to eat with so much bread, but it was still interesting to try.

AZN Chicken Waffle
AZN Chicken Waffle
This is the one I was looking most forward to trying. Instead of a traditional waffle, Your Story uses a Hong Kong style egg waffle. However, they’ve reduced the sweetness and added some spices (I believe I tasted nutmeg). The fried chicken is a large piece of chicken that is prepared Taiwanese-style and flavored with five spice powder. It’s similar to Taiwanese popcorn chicken or Taiwanese fried pork chop.

I love Hong Kong egg waffles and I love Taiwanese popcorn chicken, so this was right up my alley. I did feel that the waffle was a little tough. It was hard to cut and hard to break off. Usually, you can break off each individual puff quite easily.

Dorayaki is a Japanese dessert which consists of two pancakes sandwiched with a red bean filling. It is also a favorite snack for Doraemon. Your Story’s version is larger than the traditional version, topped with ice cream and warm matcha sauce.

I felt the pancakes were a little bit too chewy, but I really enjoyed the matcha sauce which wasn’t overly sweet and had a deep matcha flavor.

Overall, we had a pretty good first visit. The staff was very nice and attentive and took time to ask what we thought of each of the dishes. I like the creativity of the menu and I’m looking forward to seeing how the restaurant develops.

Your Story
4403 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111



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2 comments on “Your Story”

  1. Great first look Kirbie.   I remember seeing the empty storefront last year when I went to Bing Haus.  Those dishes look good, especially the egg waffle and chicken (although it is five spice powder flavor). I love the photo of the green tea sauce being poured over the red bean pancakes. Pretty colors!