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Zumbar Coffee & Tea

Zumbar Coffee & Tea is a small coffee shop and roaster in San Diego with quite a popular following. After hearing several ringing endorsements, we felt compelled to check it out for ourselves, especially since we’ve been trying to make our way through the coffee scene in San Diego.
photo of Zumbar Coffee & Tea coffee mugsphoto of bags of coffee
It’s tucked away in a small plaza in Sorrento Valley. During our visit, the place was absolutely packed. In addition to their coffee selection, they also offering a small case of pastries.

overhead photo of a Macchiato
This is my usual espresso drink of choice. It came out beautifully. I loved the finishing coffee art as well as the taste of the drink overall.

Chocolate Croissant
photo of a Chocolate Croissant
We also chose a chocolate croissant to share from the pastry case. I believe their pastries are from Opera Patisserie.

overhead photo of a Latte
Another beautifully finished drink. The cup was also huge, even for a typical latte. I did find the milk level a little too much though.

Overall, we had a really nice first visit to Zumbar and we plan on being back here again to work our way through more of the coffee menu. The staff was nice and the prices were quite reasonable. I do wish they had slightly more seating, either inside or out as it was standing room only when we went. But we’d come back regardless.

Zumbar Coffee & Tea
10920 Roselle St
San Diego, California 92121
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4 comments on “Zumbar Coffee & Tea”

  1. Hey Kirbie,
    next time try out their cold brew to go located in a mini fridge under the coffee beans. I often pick one up for later. They make it themselves. Pretty tasty. Cheers,

    • Thanks Steve! I would have tried it but we just went to Mostra and had so much cold brew in our fridge. next time for sure though!

  2. I fall completely in love with coffee shops often for no other reason than their design or the packaging design they use 🙂 Look at Zumbar and how cool their design is. Yep, I’d probably love this place. 

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