Super Sergio’s Mexican Food

Super Sergio's Mexican Food
4125 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 560-6902

I've been having a craving for fast food mexican lately. My old "go to" spot used to be Cotixan on Genessee Avenue, but the prices keep getting higher. I've been trying to find some new spots. This weekend I didn't do too much eating because I was busy at Comic Con (post forthcoming), but one of the nights we decided to check out Super Sergio's, a place I've passed by a million times.


We ordered a carne asada burrito and rolled tacos.

I know the pictures aren't great. I was too hungry to take better ones. The burrito was just okay. It was full of meat but the carne asada didn't have much flavor.  The rolled tacos were good, but then it's hard to mess up rolled tacos. I'd visit this place again, but I'm still in search for a really good late night mexican spot.

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  1. I love this place. I go there specifically for the CA burritos.

  2. I don’t know if this place is as good as the one in National City, but I tend to like the plain beef burrito better than the Carne Asada one. I have a beef burrito (Burrito de Deshebrado), some guac, some hot carrots, an horchata and I’m set for the day. The California one I’ve heard is good too.
    I will say that their Adobada TJ tacos are really really good!

  3. Hmm, next time I’ll try the regular beef burrito.

  4. I love CA burritos. I dont know why I didn’t think to try it here. I’ll try that next time.

  5. Vallarta Express is open 24/7. That is pretty much late night. I love everything they make…

  6. Oh man, this makes me so jealous. I miss these spots as there are NONE up where I live. At least none that I discovered that are good…
    I used to go to Cotixan back in my UCSD days. Sad to hear that they are raising prices. I also went to Roberto on Miramar a lot too. I miss the breakfast burritos. The carne asada there has gone a bit downhill from my college days. Or maybe my tastes have gotten more selective?

  7. Oh I should try that place. I remember your post on it too. Still haven’t checked it out yet.

  8. Yeah, the prices are getting high at Cotixan. I used to love it because it was cheap and good. But with the raised prices, it’s no longer cheap fast food. I can get more food for my money at the late night asian spots.
    I never went to Roberto much after getting sick there once. Theres a couple others that have popped up on Miramar, I might check them out soon.

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