El Torito

The future husband (“FH”) and I recently visited El Torito so I could redeem my free birthday meal. If you sign up here, you receive a free entree of your choice on your birthday.

Currently, El Torito is also doing this Mexi Meal promotion where you get an appetizer, main entree and dessert for just $11.99.

The choices on this promotion looked pretty good and I almost wanted to get that instead of my free entree, especially since it comes with appetizer and dessert!

FH started the night with a mango margarita. It was pretty sweet and enjoyable if you like sweet drinks. I thought the portion was a little small.

Complimentary chips and salsa

I love munching on chips and salsa. The chips were not warm, but the salsa was still yummy.

FH ended up doing the promotion. He chose the beef rolled tacos for his appetizer.

For his main course he chose the carnitas chimichanga and cheese enchilada.

I didn’t order off the Mexi Meal, but I added a tortilla soup to my entree because I was really craving it that night.

For my entree I chose the carne asada and grilled shrimp plate. It’s served with tortillas, rice and beans. It’s similar to the faijitas combination I normally get but without the sizzle. (Hmm, picture came out blurry. Didn’t notice that on the playback.)

For dessert, fiance got the mini fried ice cream. The ice cream is surrounded with cinnamon dusted tortilla chips, giving you the allusion that the ice cream is fried. It isn’t really because if you fry ice cream you end up with a liquidy mess. I like this version of fried ice cream because the ice cream stays nice and solid but you still get the crunchy bites as if it were fried.

We’ll be back soon again so I can get the Mexi Meal and FH can redeem his free birthday meal.

El Torito
8910 Villa La Jolla Drive
La Jolla, Ca 92037

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  1. Kirbie, I’m probably REALLY late in saying this, but CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! I noticed the change from BF to FH!!!!

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