Oreo Stuffed Brownies

Okay last brownie post for a while. I promise. I actually made these a little while ago. Sometime after I discovered how delicious Baked Brownies were and before I discovered the Sweet and Salty Baked Brownies.

It occurred to me that while I’ve done a lot of “stuffed” dessert recipes (as a result of the craze for stuffing desserts which was first thought up by the ingenious Picky Palate), I haven’t ever just done a brownie stuffed with oreos. So I made these. And they were good. Until I discovered the Sweet and Salty brownies, which pretty much ruined most brownie recipes for me.

You can use any brownie recipe you want to make these. And it’s fun to find a surprise cookie treat inside your brownies. I used the recipe for Baked Brownies.

To make these:


1. Make the batter for your brownie recipe. Pour half of it into your baking pan, then places oreos on top, fitting as many as possible.

2. Pourthe rest of the batter on top and make sure the oreos are covered. Bake brownies for as long as you would normally bake them with the recipe being used. Let cool before cutting. (I like to cut mine around the oreos so people are treated to a surprise when they bite in.)

6 comments on “Oreo Stuffed Brownies”

  1. Wow!! Never thought of hiding an oreo in a brownie..what a fantastic surprise it will be..cant wait to try them..

  2. I made these and added chocolate chips in with the oreo layer and the are so yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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