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Restaurant at the Pearl Hotel

Recently I was contacted by a representative for the Pearl Hotel, inviting me to check out their restaurant and the dining menu created by their new executive chef Jason Burke.

As guests of the Pearl, we were given a partial discount on our meal and were able to make reservations (which they don’t normally take).

I’ve been curious about Restaurant at The Pearl, after I hearing about its Wednesday night “dive-in” theatre, where you can dine by the poolside and watch movies projected on a big screen above the pool.

The hotel is advertised as a “cozy vintage-meets-modern boutique hotel.” To be honest, with a name like “The Pearl” paired with a menu that look promising, my image of the hotel was quite different than my first impression.

In the fading daylight hours, the hotel appeared small and worn and more casual than I expected.

The restaurant is basically a lounge by the pool. Complete with a bar, there is both seating near the poolside, as well as seats in the interior of the hotel. We were given a cozy table close by the poolside.

The larger tables had decorations of seashells which I really liked. I also enjoyed the view of the pool, though the flotation rings were a little distracting.

On the menu, I noticed that several entrees varied depending on the daily fresh ingredients. I like that the restaurant and the chef are trying to keep the menu fresh and new with these options.

Our server was extremely friendly and helpful, and we chose a few different things to try out as much of the menu as possible.

As we settled down, my initial discomfort with the hotel began to fade. The pool, warm evening weather, and casual lounge atmosphere brought back memories of my time in Hawaii.

FH started off with a cocktail:Mai Tai Part Deux.

The drink was quite strong. Possibly one of the strongest drinks we’ve ever tasted on a night out.

Next came our appetizers.

Bacon wrapped dates served with cheese fondue

I enjoy dates and I enjoy bacon. The bacon here was very crisp, which is how I like to eat mine. Wrapped around these dates, these were quite cute. I do wish there was more of a melding of flavors. I couldn’t taste the bacon on the date and vice versa. However, when dipped in the side of hot cheese sauce, it did help to bring the two ingredients together.

Accompanying the plate of dates was a side salad mixed with pickled carrots and radishes, much like the kind you will find in asian cuisine. I found it refreshing and delicious.

We also ordered the macaroni and cheese, which is one of the dishes that changes daily. On that night, they were serving a jalapeno and bacon macaroni and cheese.

The macaroni and cheese was very creamy, with generous chunks of bacon. I couldn’t stop eating it and it was my favorite dish of the night. The only criticism I had was that the jalapeno peppers, while visibly apparent, had absolutely no kick whatsoever. They might as well as been chopped up bell peppers.

For my entree, I spied a seared scallop served on a bed of saffron risotto and my heart was set on it.

The scallops were seared perfectly, but were a tad salty. The risotto, unfortunately, was extremely salty. I wasn’t able to eat more than a few bites.

FH chose the Seasonal Ravioli, another menu special that changes daily. That night, it was stuffed with rabbit liver. We were surprised by this unique offering and decided to check it out.

The first thing FH did when he got his dish was count the ravioli. He loves ravioli but doesn’t like to order it at restaurants as they often serve only three or four. The servings were more generous at The Pearl, and FH counted six ravioli in his plate.

The ravioli was slightly undercooked, causing the pasta to be harder than it should. I prefer my pasta to be al dente, but this was a little too hard to be considered that. The inside was quite bitter, like pure liver usually is. It was fine for me because I’ve grown up eating liver on its own, but for those who are expecting something like foie gras, they may want to stay away.

I had a hankering all day for fries, so when I spotted “pomme frites” as a side, I decided to order it as well.

Now Pomme Frites may be just a fancy way of saying French fries, but it also conjures an image of fancier french fries in my opinion. I imagined thin cut fries, golden and crispy, perfectly seasoned, perhaps with some herbs and Parmesan and maybe some truffle oil if I am lucky.

What we got was quite disappointing. The fries were thin cut, but were quite limp. The picture came out better than what appeared in front of our eyes. The fried appeared dehydrated, lacked crispiness, and were quite bland and underseasoned. FH likened them to the fries at In-N-Out (which I think taste like cardboard. Sorry to those who enjoy them.) While I think these fries were a step above those of In-N-Out, they definitely were the biggest disappointment of the night. The serving size was big, but most of it was wasted.

As the night began to grow dark, we noticed that The Godfather was silently being played and projected on the big screen, giving us a sneak peek of what their Wednesday night Dive In Theatre is like.

It’s always a bit awkward when you are brought in as guests of a restaurant and aren’t completely thrilled with your meal.  But I believe in writing honest reviews. We appreciated The Pearl’s efforts to continue to improve the restaurant and make it innovative and unique. The Wednesday Dive In Theatre sounds like a fun experience, and we like the casual, poolside atmosphere. The menu, while it was more misses than hits, does show some promise, especially with unique offerings like rabbit liver, and fresh daily specials. Hopefully things will continue to improve.


Restaurant at the Pearl
1410 Rosecrans St
San Diego, CA 92106
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10 comments on “Restaurant at the Pearl Hotel”

  1. Hi Kirbie! The bacon and date appetizer looked quite intriguing, most have been an interesting combination of flavor and texture. I’ve had macaroni and cheese flavored with jalapenos before (from Rock N Fish at LA Live), and I also found it to be pretty bland as well. Perhaps they need to add more, or leave the seeds in. The fat from the cheese probably mellowed the flavor greatly. I’d have to agree that the fries from In-N-Out are not the most delicious, especially since they are limp and flavorless as well.

  2. hi kirbie
    too bad about those fries – i was just at in n out today for lunch and i have to agree that the fries are bland. I shouldn’t have bought them – empty calories.

    one of my good friends used to make a great bacon and date appetizer that was always a hit at our get togethers. the salad it came with also looks good.

    the hotel has a retro vibe to it (judging from the photos). i’ve always wondered about their food. i’m glad you were honest with your post. i don’t think bloggers should have to feel obligated to write glowing reviews just because they’re getting comped/or getting a discount.

    • I’ve come across some blogs that will write glowing reviews for comped meals and I don’t like it. I think the appeal of food bloggers, is that we are just everyday people writing our opinions of what we eat.

  3. Bacon in mac n’ cheese is always win in my book. I like to throw in pancetta and some Italian seasoning when I make Velveeta. 😉

    The scallops look divine. Sad about the overly salty risotto though.

    • I was sad about the risotto too. I love risotto. Hmm, I have yet to find a good mac n cheese recipe for when I’m at home. When I do, I plan on throwing on some bacon.

  4. Hubby and I went here on our anniversary. On Mondays they do “Bistro Monday”, a three course prix-fixe menu for $25, I think it was. With the changing menu, I guess it just depends on when you go. I thought everything was delicious. Good to know that’s not always the case though…

  5. I made some bacon wrapped dates stuffed with manchego cheese a few months back. They were so-so. I thought I’d like them more than I actually did. Maybe if I had used a different cheese than what the recipe called for. Oh well.

    I agree with CC and Kirk. Just because something is free doesn’t mean we have to give it glowing reviews unless it deserved it.

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