Sorbet Champagne Cocktails

Remember when you used to dunk scoops of ice cream into soda to make your own homemade ice cream sodas as a kid? It was a constant afternoon treat for me and my friends during hot summer days. Well, this is like that, except a more grown up version.

You can use any sorbet, but I chose a dark color because I was trying to get something festive for Fourth of July. I had been eyeing this Ciao Bella Blackberry Cabernet sorbet on my last few shopping trips and this was the perfect excuse for me to buy it and try it out. I love the dark red purple hue.

When the sorbet goes into your bubbly, it separates, creating a two-toned drink. This is so easy and perfect to serve at a party this summer.

Sorbet Champagne Cocktails


champagne of your choice (I tend to like the sweeter ones for this cocktail; you can also use sparkling wines or wine spritzers)
sorbet of your choice (the darker color ones will show a more distinct two tone color)


Pour champagne into glasses. Shortly before serving, add a scoop of sorbet into each glass. The sorbet will begin to melt and eventually will separate to two layers.


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4 comments on “Sorbet Champagne Cocktails”

  1. This is amazing! I love it:)

  2. Trying for thanksgiving…maybe a mint or Rosemary garnish?

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