One Pot BBQ Chicken Pasta

This BBQ sauce flavored pasta takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and needs only one pot. It’s a great weekday meal and satisfies summer BBQ cravings without having to fire up the grill.

So I’m back to my one pot pasta meals. They are just so easy and convenient. Throw everything into a pot, let it boil, and then it’s ready. Pasta is cooked, sauce is created. It’s like magic!

Since it’s summer, I’ve had BBQ on my mind. Last week, we ate a ton of leftover BBQ from the Fourth of July. This week, I decided to change things up slightly by making this BBQ chicken pasta.


I was recently sent some complimentary samples of Chicken Soup for the Soul product line to try out. When I saw the box of BBQ style beef broth, my mind immediately went to the idea of making a one pot pasta. The pasta is cooked and flavored in the broth, along with cheese and more BBQ sauce.

This dish comes out really flavorful and I’ve already made it a few times.

I’ve done a few variations of this now, all which are pretty great. One was just pure BBQ flavor. Another version added crushed tomatoes, giving it more of a BBQ spaghetti feel and another version adds some heavy cream, making it a creamy BBQ sauce. I’ve shared all the variations in the recipe below.

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One Pot BBQ Chicken Pasta

This BBQ flavored pasta dish is made in one pot. Pasta and sauce are both created during cooking, making this a great weekday meal recipe.



2 raw boneless chicken thighs, cubed

8 oz uncooked pasta

3 cups BBQ style beef broth (you can substitute for regular beef broth but you will need to increase your BBQ sauce amount)

1/2 cup BBQ sauce

1 cup freshly grated cheese (you can choose whatever flavor you prefer. I used a white cheddar)

Variations: Add 1 (14 oz) can crushed tomatoes to the mix to make a tomato BBQ sauce. Add 1/2 cup heavy cream to the mix to make a creamy BBQ sauce.


1/2 cup grated cheese (for sprinkling on the finished pasta)

chopped parsley (for garnish, optional)



1. Add all the pasta ingredients to a large pot. I used my dutch oven. Bring broth to a boil and gently mix all ingredients together with a large wooden spoon. Stir and mix for a minute while pasta cooks so that noodles do not get stuck to the bottom of the pan. Place lid about 3/4 of the way on and cook at a medium boil for about 10 minutes (or until noodles are almost fully cooked which can take longer depending on the type you are using), checking and stirring occasionally.

2. When the noodles are almost finished, remove lid and let pasta continue to cook for about another 5 minutes, letting the sauce thicken and most of the liquid evaporate. (Make sure to watch pasta and don't let all the liquid completely evaporate.) Garnish with more cheese and parsley if desired before serving.

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6 comments on “One Pot BBQ Chicken Pasta”

  1. Don’t mean to be a dunce but when do you add the chicken? If you add it with the pasta and that cooks for 10 minutes, is that really enough time for the chicken to cook?

    Also, if I cannot find the BBQ broth and have to use regular broth, how much BBQ do you suggest that I use?
    Thanks – can’t wait to try!

    • you add everything at the beginning, including the chicken. the chicken is chopped up into bite sized pieces, so yes it will be fully cooked. As for BBQ sauce, I am not sure. I would probably suggest 1 cup

  2. If you had the crushed tomatoes or cream, should you reduce the broth so there is not too much liquid?

  3. What kind of pasta did you use? Those look perfectly coated with your sauce.  Thanks!

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