Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

These cotton candy champagne cocktails are easy, whimsical and elegant. They are perfect for an outdoor summer party.


I don’t know what it is about cotton candy that gets me so excited. I’ve seen cotton candy cocktails before on several Pinterest boards and had to try making my own.

I only wish I had my own cotton candy machine so that I could have fresh made cotton candy on top of each glass.

The best part is, when you dunk the cotton candy into your glass, it adds some sweetness to the champagne and makes it pink!

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails


  • champagne
  • fresh cotton candy


Fill champagne flutes with champagne. Right before you are about to serve the cocktails, add a small ball of cotton candy on top of each glass. Make sure the cotton candy does not touch the champagne, otherwise it will melt. The cotton candy will lose it's fluffiness with time, so make sure not to add it too early.

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6 comments on “Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail”

  1. This would be so cute for a bridal/baby shower! 

  2. This is too funny because we JUST had this cotton candy champagne over the weekend at cousin’s wedding. Everyone loved it and thought the cotton candy made the champagne taste even better. 

    • i love this idea for a wedding though i haven’t seen it yet at one before! i wish I had come across the idea earlier, and then I would have used it at mine!

  3. <3 this is right up my husbands alley—i might make pink champagne cupcakes and top them with cotton candy—thanks for the inspiration! 

    • ooh that sounds like fun! i have a bunch of extra cotton candy and now I’m brainstorming other desserts to make with it

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