Cotton Candy Affogato

Ice Cream + Cotton Candy + Espresso = Delicious.

I recently bought a cotton candy machine. I know I don’t need one. But this mini home machine is so fun and it makes cotton candy as fluffy as the kind you get at carnivals and fairs.

I purchased the Nostalgia Electrics PCM805 Hard & Sugar-Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker after reading a lot of positive of reviews and I’m really happy with it. The machine cost me about $40 on Amazon and what’s really cool is that I don’t need to buy any special sugars for it! For white cotton candy, I just use regular granulated sugar. And you can put hard candies in it. Yup. pop a few jolly ranchers, mints, hard butterscotch candies, and you’ll have a colorful cotton candy that tastes just like the candy you used. How cool is that??

I got it in my head that I should get my own machine when I was frustratingly trying to use packaged cotton candy for some cotton candy recipe ideas I had like cotton candy champagne, cotton candy cocktails, cotton candy cupcakes. Can you tell I like cotton candy? It’s messy working with the packaged kind and it’s hard to make it as fluffy as when cotton candy is fresh. Now I serve cotton candy cocktails at my next party!

So we’ve been playing with our new toy a lot the last few days. And of course, I had to make a cotton candy affogato dessert. Affogato is usually a shot of espresso poured over ice cream. Last year, I tried cotton candy affogato at Cafe Maji, where the espresso is poured over cotton candy. When the cotton candy dissolves, it leaves behind coffee sugar crystals that taste like toffee on your ice cream. (Hmm, come to think of it, Cafe Maji is also the reason why I got into latte art and asked for a Nespresso machine for my birthday so I could practice cute coffee art.)

Cotton Candy Affogato


  • 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 1 shot of espresso (hot)
  • cotton candy


Scoop ice cream into a wide bowl (this will prevent your cotton candy and coffee from dripping over). Top with cotton candy. Pour hot shot of espresso over cotton candy in a circular motion until dissolved. Eat immediately.


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2 comments on “Cotton Candy Affogato”

  1. My nephew had one of those machines and he liked using butterscotch candies to make cotton candy. What a fun dessert!

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