Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado

Since opening a few months ago, Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado has become the most popular spot for Texas-style bbq. Guests wait in long lines that start before dinner service even begins and the restaurant is only open until they sell out.

After hearing a lot of positive feedback from fellow food bloggers, we were excited to check it out. You order at the counter and then you can eat at one of the tables set up outside. Meats are sold by the pound, sides are $3. They provide several styles of BBQ sauce and a few accompaniments like pickled cucumbers, onions and jalapenos. You are allowed to BYOB (bring your own beer) on the premises.

With so much anticipation, I wanted to order just about everything, so we ordered quite a spread.

Starting at the bottom right, was half pound of turkey. I was quite excited to see turkey on the menu as I adore smoked turkey but find that most places overcook it and it becomes dry. Not so here. The turkey pieces were still moist and had a very strong smoky flavor throughout. We’d definitely get it again.

Smack in the middle was our brisket. We love brisket so we ordered a full pound. They gave us both the fattier cut and some lean cuts. I preferred the fattier cut since it had much more flavor. The smoke flavor is a lot more subtle with the brisket. I personally prefer something a little stronger, but I still enjoyed it. The brisket is only served during dinner,which is why we waited for dinnertime to visit.

At the top right was the beef short ribs, which is what I was most excited to order. I haven’t yet had a chance to experience Texas-style beef short ribs in Texas, though a visit to the legendary Louie Mueller is very, very high on my list. Because of the size of beef ribs, each one of these weighed nearly a pound.

One bite in and I was in some sort of BBQ heaven. Hands down the best bite of BBQ I’ve eaten so far. Beef ribs have a lot of fat and connective tissue. When cooked at low heat, they melt over the meat. The melted fat gives the meat an amazing flavor and the connective tissue becomes a gelatinous-like coating loosely binding the meat. The melt-in-your-mouth meat plus the crunchy outer bark was a magical experience.

Mr. K and I rarely fight over food but I think we nearly did over the this bone, arguing who had already eaten their share of it. Next time, we’ll each get one.

At the top left was the lamb shoulder. Unfortunately, we didn’t enjoy this one as much. The shoulder is a tougher section of lamb and their cooking method seemed to only make it tougher. It was also quite gamey.

Finally, we tried the pork ribs. They were tender and flavorful, but honestly, after eating the beef ribs, the pork ribs just didn’t compare.

We also got the Peruvian white beans. These were pretty good. Creamy, soft and cooked in a pepper, gravy-like sauce.

Overall, we had a really great visit and would brave the lines again for another bite of the beef ribs. Before visiting here, please keep in mind their menu and schedule. They are open for lunch ad dinner Wed-Sat, but serve a much more limited lunch menu (no brisket or beef ribs). On Sundays, they offer a completely different, Argentine grill menu. I recommend checking them out for dinner and getting there even before they open for dinner. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in a long line and might risk not getting the cuts of meat you want if they sell out.

Menu when we went (subject to change):

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Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado
3302 32nd St, San Diego, CA 92104

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