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85C Bakery Cafe (Mira Mesa)

Last Friday, the second 85°C Bakery Cafe in San Diego opened, located in Mira of the outside of 85C Bakery Cafe at Mira MesaI was definitely looking forward to another location opening, and this new one is a little more convenient for me to get to. We were invited to come in for the media preview an hour before the official grand opening and I also went in during the weekend so I could buy breads and cakes and check out the action.
photo of slices of cake in a display casephoto of different desserts in a display case

It was nice to be inside the cafe for once without all the crowds and be able to snap a few photos. The grand opening line was not nearly as crazy as when the first San Diego store opened, but that was to be expected. Still, there was a fairly lengthy line as it got closer to 9:00 AM.
photo of the inside of the bakeryphoto of different kinds of mini pies in a display casephoto of different jelly roll desserts
photo of pastries in a displayphoto collage of different pastries
I didn’t want to or have the time to get in line that day, but I did come in the next day to see how things were doing. The store was definitely busy, but there was no line to get in. Things seemed to be running very smoothly.

Here is what we ended up buying:

Strawberry Cream, Taro Brulee, Mango Delight, and Chocolate Pearl
photo of a Strawberry Cream, Taro Brulee, Mango Delight, and Chocolate Pearl
I was in the mood for cake, so I selected a few slices and individual cakes to bring home.

Hokkaido Cheese Tarts, Mangotale, Chocolate Cookie Bread, Chocolate Brioche, Giant Brioche
photo of Hokkaido Cheese Tarts, Mangotale, Chocolate Cookie Bread, Chocolate Brioche, and a Giant Brioche
I’ve already talked about how much I love the hokkaido cheese tarts here. The chocolate brioche is a chocolate version of their very popular regular brioche.
photo of chocolate cookie bread
One item I had not yet tried was the Chocolate Cookie bread. I’m glad I got to because I really loved this one. The exterior has a chocolate cookie crumble crust that tastes like crushed Oreos. The bread itself is very soft, with a mild chocolate flavor.

Overall, I’m pretty excited for the new 85C Bakery Cafe. I can never resist going in when I’m nearby and always end up with more than I intended to get, so having one closer to me may be a little dangerous. They’ll be opening a third location in National City soon too.

85ºC Bakery Cafe
8265 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126


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9 comments on “85C Bakery Cafe (Mira Mesa)”

  1. The new bakery in Mira Mesa is glutin free?

  2. A friend and Itried the mango dome and te chocoate pearl recently and liked how light they were.TC and Zion were just at this location a few hours ago. No lines,so yay! the chocolate bread with chocolate crumbs was good. I should have bought another one.

  3. I can’t WAIT to pop in here and try some stuff! Very cool since I live in Mira Mesa!

  4. I drove by the new location on Friday morning, but decided I really didn’t want to wait in line. I’m glad to hear that after the grand opening that it’s not so crazy. I think I waited a couple of months before going to the first one after it opened!

    • I think it helps that it’s the second location! I’m hoping this will ease the congestion at both locations. I believe they had a free gift for the first 100 people on Friday, causing the super long line, but now it seems to be better!