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Addison Visa Signature Dinner

photo of the sign outside Addison Restaurant

A few weeks ago, we attended a Visa signature dinner at Addison. We previously dined at Addison last year and had a very memorable meal. We’ve been wanting to go back ever since for the full tasting menu and we still fully intend on doing that, but this was a wonderful opportunity we couldn’t pass up on. It just so happened that the dinner also fell on Mr. K’s birthday, so I was able to win some serious wife points when I surprised him with this dinner experience.

In addition to a 4-course meal, the dinner also included caviar and cocktails tasting, tour of the kitchen, and meeting with Chef William Bradley.

Citronelle and Pamplemousse
photo of a Citronelle cocktail and a Pamplemousse cocktail
We started the evening with cocktails and appetizers. Both of the cocktail offerings were made with Belvedere Vodka. I immediately took mine out on the terrace, as last time we were here, it was too dark to admire the view.

view from the terrace

We also nibbled on gold-flecked potato bites topped with crème fraîche and caviar.  It tasted like the most sophisticated tater tot I’ve ever of a potato bite topped with crème fraîche and caviar

Next, we got a quick tour of the pristine kitchen and got to meet Chef Bradley.
photo of the kitchen

Dinner was held in a private room.

photo of the private dining room
photo of the dinner menu

Smoked Salmon Rilette
photo of Smoked Salmon Rilette
Our first course was smoked salmon rilette, topped with two kinds of black river caviar, and paired with a slice of brioche.
close-up photo of a package of caviar
Before the dinner, this was the course I was most anticipating and it ended up being the most memorable. We’ve tasted caviar on several occasions and while I’ve always enjoyed it, my knowledge of caviar has been pretty limited until now. I was looking forward to getting a better education and a representative was there to explain and help us properly taste the caviar.

I really developed a new sense of appreciation for caviar. I previously didn’t quite understand why people were willing to pay so much for it, but now I get it. The tiny spheres hold a wonderfully complex level of flavors that were truly delightful to taste.

I was told that this course is served on Addison’s tasting menu, so hopefully I’ll get to experience it again soon.

Sweet Pea Tortellini
photo of Sweet Pea Tortellini
This colorful course had slices of ibera ham and sweet pea filled tortellini.

Coffee Roasted Canard
photo of Coffee Roasted Canard
I had previously tasted a variation of this during my last dining experience here, so I definitely looked forward to having it again. The duck was perfectly cooked and I loved the subtle bitter coffee notes. The koshihikari rice was especially enjoyable. Instead of being clumped together, each rice grain managed to stand on its own, providing a slightly firm and chewy texture.
photo of koshihikari rice

photo of Mille-feuille
Dessert was quite beautiful, with espresso, dark chocolate and hazelnut flavors.

Overall, we had a wonderful meal here once again and we’ll have to make sure to be on the lookout for future visa signature dinners. It’s such a unique experience that you can’t normally have at the restaurant and a great introduction to the restaurant also, if you haven’t been before. If you’re interested in attending these dinners, make sure to check the emails from your Visa signature card about upcoming events in your area and also follow Addison and Fairmont Grand Del Mar on Facebook for updates on events.

You can read my previous Addison dinner here.

Addison (inside Fairmont Grand Del Mar)
5200 Grand Del Mar Way, San Diego, CA 92130
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8 comments on “Addison Visa Signature Dinner”

  1. I get the promotional emails all the time but have never paid attention. Time to start reading! Your dinner looks delicious

  2. What a fun experience! I’ve always wanted to dine here and this seems like a great way to do so.

  3. That’s awesome you got a tour and met the chef!

    • yes it was cool! we really wanted to meet him after our last dinner here so it was nice to be able to this time

  4. Addition is our go-to place for extra-special occasions, Jen. I’m glad you were there when you could enjoy the lovely terrace over the golf club. I’m intrigued by the duck prep, as I love duck. Was it breast only? Seasoned with a rub and/or a glaze? I make a coffee rub that I will try on the breasts I have in my freezer. (How does one get an invite to one of these dinners?) I’ve seen the kitchen as well, at an American Inst. of Wine and Food Event there. It’s amazing, so spacious and organized for maximum efficiency. thanks for sharing your experience.

    • I was very excited to enjoy the terrace! Yes the duck was breast only that was seasoned with a rub and finished with a glaze. The Visa signature dinners are open to people with Visa signature cards. If you sign up to receive email notifications, you should receive information about events in your area.