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I often turn to mmm-yoso for inspiration on places I want to eat at.  Recently, Kirk of mmm-yoso has made several visits to Alforon (found here, here and here) and so it went on my to-do list. Obviously I wasn’t the only one who wanted to visit after these posts, as Cathy from mmm-yoso, CC from Pink Candles at Ridgemont High, and Carol of CAB Cooks recently visited as well.

My experience with Mediterranean Lebanese cuisine is pretty limited. When we stepped in, the owners immediately pegged us as newcomers. The woman who helped us out (I didn’t get her name), was very friendly and nice. She sat down next to us and explained their whole menu. It made me feel like a kid, playing at a friend’s house, and the owner was like the mother of my friend, sitting at the kitchen table and giving us snacks.

Alforon specializes in an oven baked flat bread. Their menu consists largely of the flat bread with various toppings. It resembles a flatbread pizza.

We started out with some humous, which was accompanied with flat bread pieces.

We also ordered the cucumber yogurt, with the mint served on the side.

Each person chose a different topping flat bread, and since they were all cut into four slices, we had fun exchanging and trying different ones.

Here is the lamhbajeen non spicy

Lamhbajeen spicy. The picture looks the same but we were told that the two have a very different recipe.

Chicken Tawook (marinated chicken, garlic paste, pickles). This was probably my favorite one.

Sharwarma (marinated slice beef with fresh tomato and onion). This was my second favorite.

Soujouk (spiced blend of Armenian style ground beef with tomato, onion and fresh white cheese)

Portabello mushroom with feta cheese

We also got an order of their “famous” falafels

One person also ordered a falafel wrap

The prices here are very reasonable, and the owner is very friendly. It was fun experiencing new cuisine though some people in the group had trouble getting used to the spices and tastes.

As  a reminder, there’s still time left to enter my giveaway. Three lucky winners will be given $25 to to spend at any of the participating restaurants nationwide (it’s not limited to San Diego restaurants). Contest will run until midnight PST on Monday May 30, 2011.

5965 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92115
(619) 269-9904

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6 comments on “Alforon”

  1. maybe this weekend i can squeeze in a “visit” to alforon! my husband wants to try their flatbreads! plus i want to get some of that garlic paste to go!

  2. hi kirbie – i totally want to go here again and try other things on their menu. my fave was the garlic paste and the chicken tawook! glad you enjoyed your visit there!

    • It was fun and very cheap! I need to go to Vine Market and to the other place that Kirk has been blogging about with the kebabs.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Kirbie! I’m glad you enjoyed Alforon. The food is nice and fresh, that garlic paste is like crack. On my last couple of visits the place has been packed. It’s nice to see a small mom and pop place doing so well.