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Ballast Point Restaurant

The new Ballast Point Brewery in the Miramar area recently opened its full service restaurant section.

We’ve really enjoyed the new brewery location and have been eagerly waiting for the restaurant to debut, so that we can actually eat some food with the beers.

Crispy Duck Nachos

Shredded duck meat was drizzled with a pungent blue cheese sauce and garnished with tangy pickled onions and a sweet port syrup. While I enjoyed the duck, I wish there was more of it. I like my nachos to be loaded. I’m also not a big fan of blue cheese, so I didn’t particularly care for the dressing sauce.

Truffle Fries

Mr. K adores truffle fries, especially as an accompaniment for beer. These were thin and crispy, but we found them a tad too oily.

Gorgonzola & Pear Flat Bread

The IPA flat bread had a good texture, with a gentle crunch and slight chew. It was both salty and sweet and I liked the use of the butternut puree as a sauce. I thought the flavors were well balanced, but Mr. K didn’t care for this one.

Of course we had to get some beers. We like doing tasting flights. Three 2 oz pours will cost you just $5. The beers here are quite strong, so we opted to just share a single flight.

Overall, we had a decent time here. While I wasn’t blown away by the food, I thought it above average compared to many other brewery restaurant foods we’ve had and I enjoyed the creativity of the menu.

You can read my initial visit to Ballast Point Brewery here.

Tip: If you plan on dining here on the weekend, reservations are highly recommended.


Ballast Point Brewery Restaurant
9045 Carroll Way
San Diego, CA 92121

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6 comments on “Ballast Point Restaurant”

  1. Goodness this is so close to my office and I didn’t even realize it opened. Hah! I’d come and check it out for lunch just because it’s so closeby.

  2. We bought sis a gift card here for her xmas gift so I’ve been waiting to hear about the food here. Their menu seems quite small though in terms of main entrees. Hopefully the entrees will be better than the appetizers. We visited the Little Italy location but didn’t try the food. I want to say it’s a full service restaurant but now I can’t remember.

    • I was more interested in the apps, especially since we were drinking beer. though I was tempted by the scallop entree, maybe next time!

  3. Have you been to the Little Italy location? I really liked the beer and the ambiance but the food was hit or miss.

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