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Best Bites of July

Every month when I write this post, I tell myself that starting now, I will make a list to keep track of my favorite bites so I’m not going through an entire’s month of photos trying to remember. And yet it still hasn’t happened. Maybe I’ll get my act together for my Best Bites of August? Anyhow, without further ado, here are the most memorable things I ate in July (in no particular order):

French Toast Donut from Donut Bar (San Diego, California)photo of French Toast Donut from Donut Bar

I don’t visit Donut Bar often (the long lines keep me away), but when I do, my favorite donut is their French Toast donut. These made-to-order donuts start with a fluffy raised donut that is dipped in custard and cooked until golden. It’s warm, soft, and delicious.

Confit Fried Chicken Leg from Petit Trois (Los Angeles, California)Confit Fried Chicken Leg from Petit Trois

I wrote about my visit to Petit Trois here. Everything we had was excellent, but the confit was my favorite. The chicken was both light and rich at the same time, with a buttery finish to every bite.

Strawberry Fields cocktail from Greystone Steakhouse (San Diego, California)Strawberry Fields cocktail from Greystone Steakhouse

Maybe a drink isn’t really quite a bite, but this is my list and there were a few ingredients in the cocktail which required biting and chewing. I don’t often have strong feelings about cocktails, but the Strawberry Fields cocktail is just so unique. I was at a media dinner in July when I got to try this and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  The strawberry flavored cocktail is light and refreshing, but what makes it unique is the addition of balsamic vinegar. Garnished with mozzarella and basil, it’s like a summer salad in a glass. Sorry about the purple lighting.

Wild Boat Pasta from Greystone Steakhouse (San Diego, California)Wild Boat Pasta from Greystone Steakhouse

I’ve always known that Greystone has excellent steak but I never really explored their menu beyond that until the media dinner I attended. And while we did have a delicious sampling of steaks, I was more impressed by how well executed the non-steak dishes were, which is usually something steakhouses often struggle with. One of my favorite bites from the evening was this wild boar pasta. I plan on coming back soon with my husband and we’ll definitely be ordering this again.

Vanilla Cream Torte from Herb & Wood (San Diego, California) Vanilla Cream Torte from Herb & Wood

You can read my full post here. Multiple layers of stacked crepes filled with ricotta cheese, this may be my favorite rendition of the crepe cake phenomenon. It was so beautifully put together and tasted just as good as it looked. It tasted like a lightened up cheesecake, accompanied by adorable farmer’s market strawberries.

Oxtail Gnocchi from Herb & Wood (San Diego, California) Oxtail Gnocchi from Herb & Wood

I sang many praises about this oxtail gnocchi in my original post. We had many wonderful dishes that evening, but this is the one—now more than a month later, that I still can’t stop thinking about and wanting again.

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  1. Mm Herb & Wood is definitely at the top of my to-try list now! =)