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Big Fish Sea Grill

The other day, Future Husband (“FH”) came back from running errands with a big grin on his face and a plastic bag with some food.

“Fish tacos! Just 99 cents! Hurry and photograph them so I can eat them.” (I love that he thought to let me photograph them first for the blog)

He had passed by Big Fish Sea Grill, a fast food seafood mexican restaurant that had a sign for 99 cents fish tacos.

Anyhow, I took out my camera and quickly photographed one. Each taco was wrapped with a wedge of lemon. After photographing one, I couldn’t resist, and I took a bite. To my surprise, the fish batter was still hot and crispy.

The fish tacos were wrapped in corn tortillas. There was a little cabbage, a little sauce, and a chunk of fish lightly battered. I found myself really enjoying the taco, especially given that it was only 99 cents. I really liked that the fish was still crispy and hot, and I think that made a big difference.

Usually I’m not a big fish taco eater, but I enjoyed my taco and actually found myself wanting more. FH gobbled his two tacos and was sad he didn’t get more.

Apparently the taste of the fish tacos remained with him all day because after dinner that night (yes, after we ate dinner), he suggested we go get more fish tacos! So off we went. I looked at the menu and contemplated trying some other entrees, many of which looked quite delicious. I ended up getting the tacos again though because they were so cheap and I only wanted a light snack. I most likely would have gone ahead with a different entree had it been dinner, but I was just getting a snack, so I stuck with the fish tacos.

They have a sign that says the tacos are made fresh to order, so that crispy battered fish I had earlier was no fluke. Our second bunch of tacos was equally pleasing.

Now I’m not saying this place has the best fish tacos. But they are probably the best 99 cent fish tacos I’ve tasted (though I will say I’ve only tried a few). They aren’t that filling though, so you might need three or four to have a proper lunch. The owner was super friendly and joking with us as we waited for our food.

I see a lot more fish tacos runs in the future.

Big Fish Sea Grill
4706 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 490-2205
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10 comments on “Big Fish Sea Grill”

  1. Is this the place that’s located in same strip mall as Little Sheep?!!!

    I always see a sign before the driveway that says ‘.99c Fish Tacos’ and have wondered FOREVER if it was any good or not!

    I think it’s amazing when a fish taco comes out hot, crispy, and fresh. Even Rubios doesn’t seem to do that nowadays (it seems).

    How did the rest of their menu look?

    Nice post – I’m going to have to try one when I’m at Little Sheep next time! (I’ll get it as a snack)

    • Yes it is in the same place as Little Sheep. I really had low expectations. Was pleasantly surprised. The menu looked pretty good. There were a couple of things I wanted to try. I actually got a copy of the menu. I should scan and add to the post.
      Yeah I’m not much of a fan of Rubio’s fish tacos. I thought these were better.

  2. You won’t believe it but sister wanted to do the lunch special at Little Sheep today and I laughed b/c lo’ and behold, Big Fish was right next door! She didn’t let me stop in to get the fish taco snack thou 🙁

    BTW – Little Sheep’s AYCE lunch/dinner special is back on! I think $19.95, but ONLY on Tues. I got a copy of their AYCE menu options if you want me to send you

    • Aww, too bad. Hmm, I love the AYCE. I wish it wasn’t only on Tuesdays. I’d love a copy of the menu!

  3. I still remember when I saw this place when it first opened up. Love fish tacos and can’t beat that price! Hmmm, might have to take a run over there soon.

  4. Hey Kirbie – I gotta take you and FH to get some fish tacos; this place really ain’t it.

    • Lol. I had a feeling you’d say that. My fish taco experience is pretty limited. You don’t think they are okay for the price though? There’s a place in OB that has been my favorite so far.

  5. I love when Rubio’s does their 99cent fish tacos deal. They may not be the best but they were the first I ever tried and they are good. I love fish tacos. And burritos. YUM!

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