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Big Joy Family Bakery

I love French macarons and get them whenever possible, so I’m surprised that I only recently learned that Big Joy Family Bakery  offers some of the best macarons in San Diego and was voted Best Macarons in San Diego Magazine.

Big Joy Family Bakery is a Korean bakery that offers a selection of breads, pastries and cakes. I visited once shortly after it opened, but haven’t been back since.

Once inside, we immediately saw the display of macarons.

The cakes looked quite good. Big Joy does a lot of asian-style wedding cakes and they had several cakes on display. We chose a green tea cheesecake.


A chocolate mousse cake.

And of course macarons.

The macarons come in many different flavors and colors. I liked that the tasted natural and not artificial. Even the red velvet tastes like red velvet cake.


Big Joy Family Bakery
4176 Convoy St, Ste A & B,
San Diego, CA 92111
Big Joy Family Bakery & Cafe on Urbanspoon

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20 comments on “Big Joy Family Bakery”

  1. Good to know where macaroons are sold! I’ve been to the Vietnamese restaurant in the same plaza and seen Big Joy, but never went in since it always looked deserted. Maybe now I’ll try it for sweets…

    Oh yeah by the way, a while ago I posted asking you if you knew about a Liang’s Kitchen was opening in SD. I did some footwork around LA and found an address and went to go check it out. Apparently Liang’a Kitchen just got a space and is starting construction on 4681 Convoy, in the same plaza as Tajima Ramen. It seems they bought the space of one of the Korean restaurants there. Hopefully it opens soon so we can all get some Taiwanese food around here!

    • Oh that’s wonderful news! Thanks for telling me. I did ask around after your comment, but no one I asked knew anything about it. I’m excited now!

  2. hi kirbie
    first of all, GORGEOUS Dessert Porn photos there!

    secondly, C from CAB Cooks and I went there today! C said you just posted on it and was curious to go here. I didn’t even know about your post. I loved their macarons, especially the chocolate and blueberry. My husband really liked the pistachio and the hazelnut. I didn’t know they had sea salt caramel – they must have run out but now it gives me a reason to go there again.

    This place must have done some major improvement. The last time I was here was about 5 years ago and it was nothing like this at all. I am happy that I now have a go-to place for excellent maracarons! 🙂

    • Oh that’s funny that you just went! I know what you mean about it changing. I went a few years ago and it looks so different now. I’m glad you like the macarons!

  3. I keep forgetting to go to Big Joy, so I’m putting on my to-do list! I was at Phuong Trang in early August, and that macaron display caught my eye (didn’t have time to stop in). Years ago, this shop was a boba place, and they used to have evening special pricess on drinks. It always seemed empty, too.

  4. Those macarons are so pretty! This place is great – they made the most fabulous Thomas the Train cake for my son’s 3rd birthday party. Love them!

  5. I’ve been there but thought their coffee and desserts were really really expensive.

    My friend loves their macarons too but I remember looking at the price per piece and thinking holy moly! How much was it? They are beautiful thou.

    • The price in macarons varied depending on flavor but they were around $2 each. They are kind of pricey,but then most macarons are. So I think they cost the same as other macarons I’ve had and these were better made than a lot I have tried.

  6. Ohh, that’s cool to know they sell macarons now! I haven’t been there in a few years but they did not used to have those. I’ll have to stop in for a revisit.

  7. I love macarons, and those are really cute!!

    But if I have to choose, I would try the green tea cheesecake!!! I have never eaten something like that, and it sounds really good!!!

  8. ha ha – i spelled macarons totally wrong earlier! what was i thinking! well, we polished off those macarons today. so good, i love how big they are and they taste perfect. i’ve had some at other places and they are dry and tasteless.

    • I love how big they are too. And I agree they taste really good. I am kind of surprised that some of the best I’ve had in SD are here rather than at a French bakery shop

  9. Love love the macaroons here! I still have to post on our visit but I’m craving their red velvet macaroons. I just ate the last one this morning with coffee, hazelnut, delicious!

    • I’ve been searching for good macarons everywhere and cant believe there are such good ones right here! I love the red velvet too. Cant wait to read your post!

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