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Bing Haus revisits

photo of a dessert served at Bing Haus
We’ve visited Bing Haus a few times since their soft opening a few months ago. The cafe continues to add trendy desserts and expand the flavors offered for their Thai-style rolled ice cream.

Even though things have settled down, the spot continues to remain very popular. You can read my original post here.
menu at Bing Haus

Here are some of the desserts we’ve tried recently.

Ice Cream by the Sea
photo of Bing Haus Fish Ice Cream Cone
This dessert has been trendy this year in Asia. It features a fish-shaped waffle similar to the Japanese taiyaki, except with a wider mouth and body, allowing it to be filled with soft serve ice cream.

I really love how this looks, though it is a bit hard to eat. The soft serve is quite fluffy.

Honeydew Melon Bingsoo
Bing Haus Melon Bingsoo
This is a popular Korean dessert with milk shaved ice, frosted flakes, mochi, red beans, and vanilla soft serve. The dessert is definitely meant for sharing. There were six people in my group when we ordered this.

I had mixed feelings about this one. I enjoyed the melon balls and ice cream. The shaved ice melted quickly, so by the time we got through the outer layers, it was just a sweet milk puddle.

Thai Tea Rolled Ice Cream and Earl Grey Lavender Rolled Ice Cream
Bing Haus Rolled Ice Cream
We’ve also been making our way through the new flavors of rolled ice cream. I really enjoyed the Thai tea flavor and the contrast of color with the grass jelly. The earl grey lavender was a little too sweet for me.

One thing I’ve noticed is that their rolled ice cream seems to have gotten sweeter since our first visit. While I love dessert, I prefer my desserts a little less sweet, so I’ve had trouble finishing an entire order.

Overall, we still enjoy coming here and taking friends here as well. The staff is always friendly and there are always new desserts to try.

Bing Haus
4425 Convoy St #216, San Diego, CA 92111

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