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Bronx Pizza

Bronx Pizza
111 Washington St
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 291-3341

I’ve been craving Bronx pizza for the past couple of weeks, but haven’t had an opportunity to go.  This past weekend, my cousin and his wife were in town.  When I asked what he wanted to eat, he said pizza!  I told him I knew just where to take him.

Bronx Pizza is a pizza joint that serves authentic, thin crust, New York pizza.  When you enter, they have a variety of pies sitting in their display case.  You can order slices, which they heat up for you, or you can order a whole pie.  They have a couple tables inside and outside that you can sit at.  For the indecisive, you can even order a pie with half of one topping and half another.

Bronx pizza serves a variety of pie toppings, including several pies on a white pie (no tomato sauce).  You can view all their toppings on their website.  Some of my favorite pies are the pesto, white stone, primavera, and pepperoni.

Here’s a view of the counter from the table we were sitting at outside in the back patio:

Here’s the back patio area:

Here are some indoor booths:

On this occasion we ordered three pies.  Up first, sausage and pepperoni.

The sauce on the pie is good, but it makes the crust a little less crispy.  I try not to order the pies with too many toppings because the more different toppings, the less crispy the crust is. 

Next up: Half pesto and half tomato basil.

I really like their white pies.  I’ve had white pies at other places, and somehow it doesn’t work.  Something about the taste is off.  I didn’t think I would enjoy pizza pies without the tomato sauce until I came to Bronx.  Now it’s my favorite of their pies.  I really enjoyed the pesto on this occasion.  It’s a perfect topping with the white pie.  Very flavorful.  The crust was cooked perfectly.  Yum!

Finally, we got a white stone with spinach.  The white stone has three kinds of cheese: mozzarella, parmesan and ricotta. 

The first time I was introduced to Bronx pizza, my friend ordered a Whitestone.  The ingredients made me wary.  Way too much cheese was my first thought.  But I ended up loving it.  The ricotta adds a light, almost sweet taste, and so the cheesiness of the pie is not at all overwhelming.

Bronx pizza is my favorite NY style pizza in San Diego.  I’ve tried others, but they always lack something in the taste.  It’s not so hard to get the thin crust part done right, but Bronx pizza isn’t just about thin crust, they also master the flavor as well. 

Two years ago, I was in NYC for a week, where there is a pizza joint on every corner.  At first, I was afraid that eating pizza in NYC would ruin me for Bronx pizza.  But it didn’t at all!  The pizza I tasted there was just like the pizza served at Bronx.  Except that none of them offered a pesto topping.

Bronx pizza tries to be as authentic as possible.  They don’t put things like pineapple on their pizza. Oh, one other thing.  It’s cash only! So remember to bring cash along with you when you visit.  I ate so many slices this weekend, but I’m already craving it again.  Will need to go back for a revisit soon.

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