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Bushfire Kitchen

photo of the outside of Bushfire Kitchen

Bushfire Kitchen is a fast casual restaurant offering an array of healthy dishes and comfort food. We were recently invited in to check out the restaurant.
photo of the salad display
Most of the dishes served are gluten-free, organic and local. Everything is made in-house. The owners are from South Africa and Australia but the menu is very classic American, with a few touches of South African in seasonings and sauces.
photo of the drink stationphoto of hot dishes in a display case
While we’ve seen many fast casual concepts like this pop up the last few years, what really appealed to me was the diversity of the menu. You can come in for a healthy salad, or enjoy homestyle dishes like mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, chicken, tri-tip, and ribs.

Tri-tip, brown rice, sweet potato fries
overhead photo of Tri-tip with brown rice and sweet potato fries
I chose a tri-tip plate which comes with two sides.The tri-tip is one of their most popular items here and I enjoyed it immensely. It was tender, flavorful, with a slightly still pink center.
close-up photo of sweet potato fries
I also really liked the sweet potato fries. Their shape reminded me of Spanish churros. Crunchy on the outside and thick-cut, which gave them an extra burst of sweet potato with each bite.

Sundried tomato caper salmon, butternut squash, mixed seasonal salad
close-up photo of Sundried tomato caper salmon with butternut squash and mixed seasonal salad
Mr. K chose the salmon. The salmon was moist and flaky and the sun-dried tomato caper sauce made for a flavorful combination. We also enjoyed the roasted butternut squash. The salad was quite pretty with all of its assorted colors.
close-up photo of a mixed seasonal salad

Garlic mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, grilled vegetables, salad
overhead photo of Garlic mashed potatoes with mac n cheese and grilled vegetables, salad
There is also an option to do a plate of four sides for the indecisive (like me).
close-up photo of grilled vegetablesclose-up photo of mac and cheeseclose-up photo of garlic mashed potatoes
As much as I enjoyed the tri-tip, this plate was probably my favorite of our meal as it combined so many of my favorite things and the tastes reminded me of my childhood.

photo of a slice of Focaccia
One of the few not gluten free items, this comes with your entree. The bread was light and airy though I was too full to take more than a few bites.

Bacon Baked Beans
photo of a bowl of Bacon Baked Beans
I don’t remember how we ended up with this, but Mr. K really enjoyed it. The flavors tasted very much like bbq sauce, which I usually don’t care for too much, so this one was all his.

Overall, we had a really good time here. We truly enjoyed just about everything we tried and the staff seemed really friendly to all their customers. The menu prices were also quite reasonable. It’s a little far for us so we probably won’t get a chance to go as much as we’d like, but it’s definitely something we’d stop by while in the area. Their original location is in Temecula and I wish we knew of it when we used to frequent the wineries.

photo of the menuphoto of the menu

Please note, as indicated above, we were invited to dine here and our meal was complimentary. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Bushfire Kitchen
3433 Via Montebello
Ste 166
Carlsbad, CA 92009
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4 comments on “Bushfire Kitchen”

  1. The set up reminds me a lot of Lemonade, which I visited a lot when I lived in LA. I’ll have to check this place out too!

    • In case you didn’t know, Lemonade is opening in sd =) beginning of August the one in Hillcrest will open and another one in UTC opens in mid August. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m super excited because my brother has been raving about it for a long time

  2. It looks fantastic! Definitely giving that one a try!