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Costco December Edition

Sharing my Costco grocery haul from December, including some of my seasonal favorites, new items and featured savings items, like Belgian Waffle Crisps, Gummyberries Grapes and more.  I also share a few low carb product finds towards the end of this post.

Kirkland Belgian Waffle Crisps

One of my favorites from this month’s haul. This seasonal item is similar to waffle cones but in smaller snacking form. They are thin, crispy and sweet.

Price: $7.99

Bear Naked Granola Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

I have been eyeing this granola the last few times I passed through the cereal section and finally decided to try it after seeing it on sale this month.

I like how large the chunks of granola are but the chocolate hazelnut butter flavor isn’t quite what I was expecting. I haven’t really found any chocolate granola I’ve liked yet though.
Price: $9.99

Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice 10 oz bottles

I’ve been waiting all year for Costco to bring back the individual bottles of sparkling apple juice. I’ve noticed that they are only around the weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve. I wish they offered this size year-round. Normally, I have to wait for a party or when there are a lot of people around to share one of the large bottles, but the small 10 oz bottles lets me enjoy sparkling apple juice whenever the craving hits.
Price: $9.79

Fever Tree Ginger Beer

My current favorite ginger beer. If you like a very strong ginger flavor in your ginger ale, this one is for you! It’s definitely got the strongest ginger kick of all the ginger ales I’ve tried. It was on sale this month so I had to stock up.
Price: $14.99

Isabelle Pineapple Cakes

I was really excited to find Taiwanese pineapple cakes at my local Costco. While I’m pretty sure this is a regional item, a friend of mine also found it in Virginia so it’s not just limited to California.

Price: $11.88

Divine Flavor Gummyberries

A few years ago Cotton Candy grapes were extremely rare. Now, there are several companies producing them and I’ve also started seeing other kind of candy grapes. These Gummyberries were new to me and I couldn’t resist giving them a try.

The small red grapes have a good snap to their skin. While they don’t really remind me of gummy bears, they are very sweet like candy. I quite enjoyed them and would get them again.
Price: $9.99

Low Carb Products

Parmesan Folio Cheese Wraps

These cheese wraps make a great low carb wrap. I especially like heating them up until they are melted and crispy.
Price: $7.99

Kirkland Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter

Costco is my go-to place for butter since I use so much of it for cooking and baking. The price is very reasonable and I think the butter is pretty good quality.
Price: $9.89

Earth Farms Organic Brussels Sprouts

I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but once winter hits, I buy a lot of my vegetables at Costco since the prices stay the same. I especially like buying broccoli florets and organic brussels sprouts.
Price: $5.49

That’s all for now! You can read about my newest January haul here or previous November Costco haul here.

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8 comments on “Costco December Edition”

  1. Have you seen the TK Food Salted Egg cookies at Costco? I’ve read that they have them, but not sure if it’s regional. Unfortunately, I don’t have Costco membership, but I hope other Asian stores can carry it too.

    • I know they are available at some Costcos but I have not found them in San Diego. The salted egg chips can be found at Ranch 99.

  2. Oh gosh where can you find the Parmesan Folio Cheese Wraps! I haven’t seen those before. Would they be by the cheeses or are they behind the refrig doors by the breakfast items perhaps?

    Happy NYE Kirbie !

  3. My mom loves those pineapple cakes and always stocks up on a ludicrous number of boxes each winter. They are also available in MA!

    • thanks for sharing! I’m surprised they are available in so many states. It’s great to learn other locations they are available at!

  4. Oo I will have to look out for the ginger beer! Also I just got a pro-tip from another friend in Boston that they also have the pineapple cakes 😀