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Costco January Edition

Sharing my January grocery haul from Costco including sale items and some new products. This month I picked up a lot of new snack products to try. I also share a few low carb finds towards the end of this post.

The Good Bean Organic Chickpeas
These dried chickpeas are very crispy and lightly salted. They make a nice, healthy snack.Price: $5.99

Nib Mor Organic Dark Chocolate with real Wild Maine Blueberries
I enjoyed these chocolates. They aren’t too sweet and I like the addition of the dried blueberries.Price: $10.99

Trygoodz Almond & Rice Crackers
I love Japanese rice crackers so I was excited to find these. There is a good variety of crackers inside each packet.The one thing I didn’t like was that there was an overall curry flavor on all the crackers because one of the crackers are curry flavored.
Price: $11.88

Bouchard Probiotic Chocolate
A tasty way to ingest probiotics. You do need to be worried about eating too many though.Price: $12.99

Kit Kat Assortment (Raspberry + Creme, White + Creme, Milk Chocolate)
I am obsessed with trying different flavors of kit kats so I was really excited to find a raspberry and creme flavor I haven’t yet tried. This colorful assortment is great for Valentine’s Day.Price: $11.99

Kind Minis

I previously purchased Kind Minis from Costco back in November and then the next month they were gone. They are back now with a new flavor variety. I actually preferred the last one as both of these are peanut butter flavored. They still make a good snack though.Price: $18.99

Low Carb Products

4505 Chicharrones Fried Pork Rinds Chili & Salt
I’ve had these chicharrones before, but the bags are usually a little expensive. The Costco bag is a great deal. The pork rinds are light and crunchy. We already finished most of the bag so I wish I bought a second one.
Price: $6.69

Nuttzo Keto Butter
I love this nut butter. It’s a blend of a variety of nuts plus it has texture too.
Price: $12.99

JoJo’s Guilt Free Chocolate
There is sugar in this product so it might not work on all low carb diets, but I was pleasantly surprised at how low in sugar it is for a full-sized chocolate bar. The chocolate still tastes sweet enough for me and I like the addition of pistachios and cranberries.Price: $9.99

That’s all for now! Has anyone found the Lindt Matcha truffles? I know they are in select Costcos in Los Angeles and Seattle. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen them in San Diego. Check out my February Costco post or you can read my previous December haul here.

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