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Costco September Edition

Sharing my September Costco grocery haul, including some monthly sale items and new-to-me products. I also have a low carb section towards the end of this post.

DJ&A Shiitake Mushrooms

I’ve heard great things about this mushroom snack and have been searching for them so I was so excited to finally find it at my local Costco. The mushrooms are cooked over low heat until crispy. The whole mushrooms are seasoned with garlic, onion and other spices.

When I first tasted these, it wasn’t quite what I expected. I didn’t expect so much seasoning. However, after a few bites, I got used to it and quite enjoy them. I do wish I could taste more mushroom flavor though.
Price: $4.99
Availability: In-store, may be regional.

Annie Chun’s Baked Seaweed Crisps
My brother recently introduced me to Seaweed Crisps he got at Costco in the Bay Area. That version has a thin layer of almonds underneath the seaweed. I really enjoyed them, so I searched to see if it was in San Diego. I didn’t find the same ones, but I did find this version which I really enjoy. The seaweed is nicely seasoned and the brown rice at the bottom makes the seaweed extra crispy.

Price: $7.89
Availability: In-store, regional item. Available in San Diego.

Bibigo Mini Wontons
This one is featured in this month’s coupon booklet. We enjoy Bibigo dumpling and wonton products and Costco has some great prices on them.

We like to eat this with a spicy wonton sauce I make so that they become spicy wontons.
Price: $9.49
Availability: In-store, regional item. Available in San Diego.

Le Chic Patissier Stroopwafels
So excited to see this seasonal item at Costco. We tried the stroopwafels at Trader Joe’s last year and are always in search of more. I really enjoyed these. Two waffle cookies are sandwiched with a layer of caramel. These were crispy, chewy and tasted great warmed up on top of a cup of coffee.

Price: $8.99
Availability: In-store and online.

Golden Island Korean Barbecue Pork Jerky
We really enjoy this jerky because it is seasoned with a sweet and savory blend of spices usually used for Korean bbq. So whenever it is on sale (like it is this month), we always make sure to pick up a bag.
Price: $12.99
Availability: In-store and online.

Edward Marc Chocolatier Coconut Almonds with Dark Chocolate
I love chocolate, coconut and almonds so I couldn’t resist trying this. I was a little surprised with how sweet these were. They tasted like the filling of an Almond Joy bar. A bit too sweet for my liking.

Price: $10.99
Availability: In-store. May be regional. Available in San Diego.

Low Carb Items at Costco

Crepini Egg Thins with Cauliflower
This is my favorite new find at Costco. These are thin crepes made of egg whites and cauliflower powder. They work great as a savory crepe or a tortilla. I like heating them up with some cheese and eating them like a quesadilla.

Price: $7.89
Availability: In-store. May be regional. Available in San Diego.

Perky Jerky Wagyu Beef
I’ve had wagyu beef jerky before and really enjoy it but it’s a bit pricey. The price is pretty reasonable at Costco. I really enjoyed this jerky. It’s a little more tender than regular beef jerky and not as salty as most jerky.

Price: $13.99
Availability: In-store. May be regional. Available in San Diego.

Rhythm Superfoods Organic Roasted Kale
I’m always looking for more ways to consume leafy greens like kale. I love kale chips but they are often oily and topped with too many cheeses and spices, etc. I love that this is just roasted kale and sea salt. Inside are six individual packets. It makes a great snack.

Price: $7.99.
Availability: In-store. May be regional. Available in San Diego.

Nature’s Earthly Choice Cauliflower Rice
I eat a lot of cauliflower rice so I was intrigued by this shelf-stable version. While I always prefer to use fresh cauliflower or even frozen, I can see when having a shelf-stable one can come in handy.

Inside are several individual packets which you can heat up in the microwave or on the stove. The cauliflower is a light brownish-red color. It also had a sour taste to it which I didn’t care for. The rice definitely needs to be seasoned before eating. I don’t think I will be buying this one again.
Price: $9.99
Availibility: In-store. May be regional. Available in San Diego.

BelGioioso Parmesan Romano
I use a lot of parmesan cheese, especially in my keto and low carb recipes like my 2 Ingredient Keto Crackers and Keto Cauliflower Tots. I always get this big bag for my recipes.
Price: $9.89
Availability: In-store.

Moon Cheese
I discussed this item in my August Costco post, but this month it is on sale, so I bought a few extra bags. These are cheese snacks made just out of cheese. They are crispy, crunchy and make a tasty and fun snack.

Price: $9.69
Availability: In-store and online.

That’s all for now! You can read my October Haul here or my Costco August Haul post here

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6 comments on “Costco September Edition”

  1. Great and helpful post. I tried the cauliflower crepe and didn’t care for them. Have you tried Plantpower Cauliflower buns – those are my go to low carb buns right now.

    Is there a Costco location you prefer in SD? We usually try Carmel Mtn and Poway.

    • Oh that’s too bad. My family loves the crepes. We cook them until crispy and treat it like a low carb tortilla filled with melted cheese and other ingredients. I have not tried Plantpower buns. I usually go to Morena because it’s bigger than the Poway and Carmel Mtn locations.

  2. I want to try that moon cheese and the mushroom crisps! Nice round up Kirbie! I hardly go to Costco due to the lines but now that I am on Fall Break, I can go early in the morning.

  3. I literally just got a membership today ? Will be going through all of your Costco posts!!