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Costco August Edition

Sharing my Costco grocery haul from August, including monthly coupon book items, new products and a few of my go-to favorites. I also have a low carb items section towards the end of the post.

I’ve had so much fun with my monthly Trader Joe’s series, that I wanted to do something similar with my Costco purchases. In the last few years, I’ve gone from only buying bulk pantry staples at Costco to buying a significant amount of my monthly groceries at Costco, thanks to their expanded selection and consistent introduction of new items.

Costco does offer a lot of regional products, so you may not be able to find all of these items at your local Costco, but I will try my best to share mainly items that are available at most Costco stores or through their website. For each product, in addition to including nutrition information, I’ve included the price (at my local Costco) and whether it is available in-store and online.

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

This was featured in last month’s coupon book, so I purchased it to try it out and loved it so much that I bought it again this month. Since this was featured in their instant savings booklet last month, I believe this item should be available at most Costco locations and if it isn’t at your local Costco, you can also try looking for it on their online store.

The organic chick pea puffs are similar to cheese puffs but they are much crisper. I love the satisfying crunch when I bite into them. The puffs have a light dusting of cheese coating that doesn’t feel overwhelming or leave you with fingers caked with cheese powder. They are a tasty and filling snack.
Price: $6.99
Availability: Online and in-store.

Innofoods Coconut Clusters

This is another item that was in the July instant savings book so it should be available at most Costco locations or online. The coconut clusters are mixed with super seeds and are a sweet and crunchy snack.

This reminds me of Trader Joe’s Coconut Sesame Clusters I liked but thought was a little pricey. The version sold at Costco is more reasonably priced.
Price: $7.99
Availability: Online and in-store

Tropical Fields Crispy Coconut Rolls

We love all things coconut, so we decided to try these from the snack section. They remind me of a Chinese egg roll cookie but not quite as delicate in texture. These are light, crispy, not too sweet, with a nice coconut flavor.

Price: $7.99
Availability: Online and in-store

Kirkland Organic Greek Yogurt

This is my favorite brand of Greek yogurt for eating and baking (along with Fage). Costco used to sell tubs of Fage yogurt but then they came out with their own brand. Luckily, it tastes very similar and has a similar consistency. This is a great yogurt for making my 2-Ingredient Bagels.
Price: $5.89
Availability: In-store

Low Carb Products

Lucky Jack Nitrogen Infused Cold Brew Coffee

We love nitro cold brew and get it whenever it’s available at a coffee shop. We’ll also sometimes buy it from the grocery store. I’ve had Lucky Jack’s nitrogen cold brew coffee before and really enjoyed it but it costs $4 a bottle at my local Sprouts. At Costco, I can get a 6-pack box for $11.99, which is the cheapest price I’ve seen for nitrogen infused cold brew.

Price: $11.99
Availability: In-store, may be regional. Available in San Diego.

Kewpie Mayonnaise

I believe this is a regional item, but I was so surprised to see my favorite Japanese mayonnaise pop up at Costco this month, that I just had to share. I’ve talked about the difference between Japanese and American mayonnaise in my Avocado Egg Salad Sandwiches post. Japanese mayonnaise uses only egg yolks so it is richer than American mayonnaise. It is perfect for making Japanese Egg Salad Sandwiches and can be used instead of American mayonnaise for most recipes.

The mayonnaise is sold as a 2-pack.

Price: $5.99
Availability: In-store, may be regional. Available in San Diego.

Moon Cheese

This month is the first month I’ve seen Moon Cheese sold at my local Costco. It’s also available on their website. This is a popular low carb snack but you don’t need to be on a low carb diet to enjoy it.

The little balls of cheese are cheesy, salty and crunchy. They make a great snack!
Price: $9.69
Availability: Online and in-store


I was really excited when my local Costco started carrying Swerve a few months ago. Swerve is a popular low carb sweetener that works really well as a sugar substitute in baked goods. It can be very pricey. I normally pay $7 for a 12 oz pack. The Costco price is a much better deal.
Price: $19.99
Availability: In-store, may be regional. Available in San Diego.

Kirkland Superfine Almond Flour
This is also my go-to almond flour for baking. It is also a great price. My Costco sells it for $12.99 for 3lb bag.
Price: $19.99
Availability: Online and in-store

Check out my September Costco Edition for my latest finds!

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7 comments on “Costco August Edition”

  1. Yay! Love that you’re doing a Costco post. I always look forward to your Trader Joe’s posts. At Costco, have you tried a new dried shiitake mushroom snack? They are up in the Bay Area. Very crunchy and lots of umami flavor. The brand is Snack Yard.

    • Thanks for the rec! I do remember seeing the shiitake mushroom snack in someone’s IG feed but I didn’t see it at my local Costco! I will have to check around the other Costcos in the area, or maybe try to find it next time I’m visiting my family in the Bay Area. I love shiitake mushrooms so I think I would enjoy that one

  2. Kewpie at Costco for the win. I’ll have to look for it, that’s a good deal. I hope they have it at the Mission Valley location.

  3. Yes! Love your grocery hauls!

  4. was interested in that Japanese mayo but it contains msg! bummer. thanks for sharing the ingredients.