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Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

photo of the Cousins Maine Lobster TruckCousins Maine Lobster Truck is one of the most successful food truck business stories, with trucks currently in 12 different cities including San Diego. We first heard about them after watching them strike a deal on the tv show Shark Tank and we finally got to try them out recently.

The truck is quite nice, with digital screens displaying their menu and photos.
photo of the digital menu on the Cousins Maine Lobster Truck
close-up of the menu
They have quite a few lobster offerings, but I really just wanted to try their lobster roll. They offer both a traditional Maine-style lobster roll (with mayonnaise and served cold) and a Connecticut-style lobster roll (with butter and served warm).

Maine Lobster Roll
Maine Lobster Roll
The lobster was served on a lightly toasted bun with a slice of lemon. What immediately stood out for me was the lobster. The Maine lobster meat was plump, succulent and sweet. I was a little surprised to find the mayonnaise lining the inside of the bun instead of being tossed with the lobster. I personally prefer it when the mayonnaise is tossed with the lobster so it’s more evenly spread across and you don’t end up pockets of mayonnaise. Still, I didn’t have any trouble finishing this roll.

Connecticut Lobster Roll
Connecticut Lobster Roll
This was served also served on a toasted roll. The sandwich was served warm with a light coat of butter over the lobster meat. Again, the lobster meat was sweet, succulent, and plentiful. Of the two rolls, I liked this one a little more, but it really does just come down to personal preference.

Overall, I thought that the lobster rolls from Cousins Maine Lobster Truck lived up to the hype. I wish their lines weren’t always so long, but we really enjoyed the rolls here and would get them again.

Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

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