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Delux Dogs

DH and I don’t make it over to Coronado often, but every time we do, we have such a nice time. It almost feels like we are on vacation. The city is so pretty and touristy and feels secluded from the rest of San Diego.

Since we don’t visit often, we also don’t know many good eats. Recently, I was invited to check out Delux Dogs, which makes gourmet hot dogs. I knew DH would be ridiculously excited given his love for hot dogs.

The menu is full of gourmet hot dogs and it was really hard to choose which one to try. In the end, we narrowed it down to three.

The Border Town
Bacon wrapped, deep fried all beef link with creamy nacho cheese sauce. Tapiato hot sauce, guacamole, salsa fresca, and Mexican crema.

Out of the three, I thought the presentation for this one was the most beautiful. DH zeroed in the “bacon wrapped” and “deep fried” language.

I actually thought this was the weakest of the three we sampled. I liked the bacon wrapped dog, but I felt like the toppings didn’t quite compliment the taste of the bacon dog.

The Tokyo
All beef link with teriyaki glaze, Japanese mayo, grilled onions, sesame seeds, dried seaweed chips and sriracha.

I almost didn’t choose this one because it seemed awfully sweet from the description. But DH chose it and it actually ended up being my favorite one.

Yes, it’s on the sweet side, but somehow it worked for me. The seaweed on top really brought it together or maybe I just really like dried seaweed.

The Coney Island
All beef link with Jack-n-Coke chili, diced onions and mustard

This one ended up being DH’s favorite. He really does love his chili dogs.

It was interesting how opposite our rankings were on the dogs.

Mine: 1) The Tokyo 2) The Coney Island 3) The Border Town

DH: 1) The Coney Island 2) The Border Town 3) The Tokyo

Overall, we had a fun time trying the hot dogs here. They are each priced around $6, which I thought was pretty reasonable. Even though we had our rankings, there weren’t any we disliked and couldn’t finish. We would definitely check it out again next time we’re in Coronado and need a bite to eat.

Disclosure: As indicated above, I was invited to come check out Delux Dogs. Our meal was complimentary. However, I was not paid for this review and my opinions are my own.

Delux Dogs
943 Orange Avenue
Coronado, CA 92118

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2 comments on “Delux Dogs”

  1. Nice! Do you know what brand franks they use? Judging by the looks seems skinless unfortunately… But always in the mood for a good hot dog with fun toppings!