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Einstein Bros. Bagels

Einstein Bros Bagels

4150 Regents Park Row, Ste 180
La Jolla, CA

(858) 458-0392

I've passed by Einstein Bagels many times but have never gone in until now.  I love bagels, but I think the bagels at Einstein are a bit too pricey.  After years of getting free bagels from my brothers who used to work at Noah's (which is owned by Einstein's), it was really hard to pay for bagel.

Einstein recently did a promotion for a free bagel and smear, so Boyfriend and I went for breakfast. I chose a potato bagel.  The potato bagels are super soft and have some cuts made in the dough making it look quite pretty.

My bagel was toasted and slathered in cream cheese.  It was way too much cream cheese for me, but I loved eating the bagel hot and toasted.

Boyfriend chose a blueberry bagel.  It didn't look that appetizing. It was so dark in color, with lots of bubbles on the skin.  However, he liked it toasted with cream cheese.  Apparently he's never had his bagel toasted before and couldn't believe how much better his bagel tasted toasted.

One thing that looked interested was this twisted bagel, which I saw being advertised, which mixes more than one type of bagel.

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7 comments on “Einstein Bros. Bagels”

  1. Have you tried their mini bagel poppers? I like those especially when they periodically run coupon promotions to give them out in a big cup for free with beverage purchase (even with a simple iced coffee.)

  2. No I haven’t tried the mini bagel poppers though I saw them advertised! they look cute! I’ll look for the promotion on them next time. Thanks!

  3. I used to go to that shop all the time when I worked near there. My favorite bagel of all times is their Spinach Florentine toasted with a schmear. Love it! Sometimes we’ll splurge a bit and go to the one by our house on the weekends. I can eat those almost every day!

  4. when the bagels are all bubbly like that it means they’re old bagels that have been defrosted for a couple days

  5. Spinach Florentine sounds delicious! I’ll have to look for that next time. I love bagels. I wish they weren’t so chock full of carbs.

  6. What do you mean by old bagels? Like the dough has been sitting out for a few days before baking?

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