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Fleming’s Happy Hour

We recently went to check out the latest selection at Fleming’s Happy Hour, which is offered seven days at week from 5 until 7pm. Since I can rarely make happy hour during the work week, I love it when places offer it on weekends. I also love that Fleming’s changes up its happy hour menu so there is usually something new to try every few months.

Tropical Martini and Peach Sparkler

What’s happy hour without a relaxing cocktail?

Pan Crisped Pork Belly

This was a new item. Unfortunately, I felt the pork belly was overcooked. It was past the point of crispy and was too dry.

French Quarter Barbeque Shrimp

I’ve seen this on the menu in the past but this was my first time ordering it and I loved it. I especially enjoyed the creamy spicy sauce and wished we had been given extra bread to sop it up.

Sweet Chile Calamari

This is one of Mr. K’s favorites. He liked it so much, we ordered a second one.

Roasted Mushroom Ravioli

I really like the ravioli. The roasted mushroom filling has a a rich and earthy flavor.

Tenderloin Carpaccio

Another one of our favorites and we’re happy to see it’s remained on the menu.

Cedar Mushroom Artichoke Flatbread

This was another new item. I remember I didn’t like it as much but I don’t quite remember why. I think the flatbread was too thin for my liking. I tend to be pretty picky about my flatbread.

We always have a good time here and this time was no different. With the weather warming up and the sun setting later, it’s relaxing to enjoy warm evenings out at the Fleming’s Patio for happy hour.

Fleming’s Steakhouse & Wine Bar
8970 University Center Lane
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 535-0078

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6 comments on “Fleming’s Happy Hour”

  1. I love the HH at Flemings and those cocktails are a great price. And looking at the pork belly, it resembles more resembles overcooked bacon.

  2. I love Fleming’s happy hour! Awh too bad they switched from regular pork belly to the pan crisp one. The original was superb. I remember I really enjoyed this other dish they switched out. It’s similar to bruschetta? The different flavors from the bread, tomatoes, greens, and cream was really fantastic.

    • I heard good things about the pork belly so I was sad this one wasn’t that good. I never had the other one. Hmm, I didn’t have the other dish either. But it sounds really good. Hopefully they’ll bring it back!

  3. I live in San Diego too and glad you were able to enjoy 🙂