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Frost Me Cupcakes

Frost Me Cupcakes, a gourmet cupcake bakery that was a winner on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, recently opened a shop in Seaport Village, and a smaller stand inside UTC mall.

We were at the mall recently and decided to check it out.

Cupcakes are $3.50 each or you can buy sets of 4, 6 or 12 for a discounted price.

These are the four we purchased: blueberry hazelnut, chocolate ganache, red velvet, espresso chocolate

Blueberry hazelnut

I have to confess, going into this experience, I didn’t have high hopes. I’ve been pretty disappointed by most of the cupcakes I’ve had in the last year and have stopped getting excited about them. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

This one had chopped hazelnuts in the cupcake batter, giving it a great nutty flavor. The middle was piped with a blueberry jam. I could have done with less frosting, as the frosting is almost as tall as the cupcake, but then I’m not much of a frosting person.

Red Velvet

This one had a pretty good red velvet flavor. Not my absolute favorite and the crumb was slightly dry, but I think it ranks pretty high for San Diego red velvet offerings.

Chocolate ganache

This is one of their bestsellers. I thought the cupcake had a good, deep chocolate flavor. It’s topped with a chocolate ganache layer, a buttercream chocolate frosting, and a fresh raspberry to tie it all together.

Espresso chocolate

I honestly don’t remember too much about this one, except that I liked it. I need to start taking notes for reference.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the cupcakes I had. I didn’t eat much of the frosting because I don’t like frosting, but the cakes tasted like the flavors they were supposed to be and were moist and fluffy. These are some of the most delicious cupcakes I’ve had in a while, so I’m happy to see them with two permanent locations in San Diego.

For another post, check out Mary’s visit to the Seaport Village location here.

Frost Me Cupcakes
UTC mall

6 comments on “Frost Me Cupcakes”

  1. I guess I haven’t been to UTC in a long time!  There was a small cupcake place awhile back; they had a little counter by the food court entrance.  (I think I heard about them through you!)  Are they no longer there?  I do remember not being impressed by those cupcakes.

    • Oh, Cupcakes Squared. I think they might still be there. I didn’t actually go inside the food court so I’m not sure and I don’t like that their cupcakes because for a lot of them they put the flavor in the frosting but not in the cupcake itself (i.e. a passionfruit cupcake is actually a vanilla one with passionfruit frosting). This one is outside near the center of the mall at one of the kiosks, nearby Lette Macarons.

  2. Cupcakes Squared was gone last time  I was  there in the summer. We got some from them last year, and they were pretty bad. Too sweet, very dry. My nephew is GF, and their one gluten-free cupcake that day was banana something. It was like a little dry brick. He tried to be polite,  but we excused him from it. It was that bad. 

  3. I almost went to their kiosk last week but ended up not going. The blueberry hazelnut sounds really good to me. I love hazelnut so I’ll have to give that one a shot.

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