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Funky Fries & Burgers

photo of the outside of Funky Fries & Burgers
Funky Fries & Burgers is a burger joint offering many indulgent burger and fry creations. I first came across Funky Fries & Burgers when I saw their mouthwatering items on Instagram. Their menu reads like a buffet of guilty pleasure foods, which are combined together for some epic sounding dishes.
photo of the menu at Funky Fries & Burgers
The actual restaurant space is quite small, with a handful of stools inside as well as additional outdoor seating offered at the restaurant next door. All the food is made to order, so we did have to wait a little bit for our food.

Hangover Burger
photo of Hangover Burger
Fried egg, hash brown, bacon, swiss & cheddar cheese, ketchup, and mayo. They also recently introduced a fried mac & cheese patty which can be added to any of the burgers. Of course I had to do it.

The ingredients in this burger read like a design your ultimate burger contest. Everything was pretty well executed. I especially enjoyed the mac & cheese patty which was crispy on the outside and full of creamy, cheesy macaroni on the inside.

Nachos Cheese Tater Tots
photo of Nachos Cheese Tater Tots
Seasoned ground beef, nacho cheese, jalapeno, southwest sauce, and salsa fresca. For each of the fry dishes, you can choose from regular fries, sweet potato, tater tot or waffle fries. I can’t remember the last time I saw all my favorite fry types being offered in one place. I stood there for a few minutes trying to figure out which one I loved the most, which felt a little like trying to choose your favorite child.
close-up photo of Nachos Cheese Tater Tots
These loaded tater tots really hit the spot. They were a bit messy and not exactly finger food, but they were really good and now I want to work my way through the rest of the fry menu.

Overall, we had a good first visit here. The service was extremely friendly. I can’t let myself come here too often, but I do want to work my way through the fry menu eventually.

For another take, check out Mary’s visit here.

Funky Fries & Burgers
115 W Washington Ave, El Cajon, CA

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4 comments on “Funky Fries & Burgers”

  1. Hi Kirbie!

    I just sampled them for the first time at a Yelp Halloween event. Glad you enjoyed the place! I’m even more excited to go now! 🙂

  2. That was a great looking burger!  I’d want the waffle fries to go with it.

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