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Groggy’s Food Truck

Recently there were some changes to FH’s workplace. They used to have a cafeteria, but the building containing the cafeteria got sold. So his company began coordinating food trucks to come by during lunch. Since I haven’t had a chance to chase down many food trucks, this has been the perfect opportunity for at least one of us to experience some food trucks.

I armed FH with a camera (not my precious T2i, but with another nice camera), and off he went to try the food trucks. So over the next few weeks I’ll be featuring some food trucks he tried. First up, Groggy’s.

Groggy’s has a carefree frog as their logo. FH asked the owners why a frog and why the name, but apparently there isn’t really much significance behind it. They were just throwing out ideas and came up with Groggy’s.

The most popular thing on the menu is their “fat sandwiches.” Think of all your favorite unhealthy fast food indulgences. And now stick it all into one sandwich. And that’s basically what a fat sandwich is. FH speculated that maybe they are called “Groggy’s” because you feel so groggy after eating one. They also offer some hot dog variations and more fried food options like fried PB&J.

FH ordered the Groggy Jersey sandwich (cheese steak, chicken fingers, fries, mozzarella sticks and marinara). It sounds like fried overload, but FH really liked it. Though he fell into a serious food coma after he finished.

You can learn more about Groggy’s here or follow them on twitter @FollowGroggys
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6 comments on “Groggy’s Food Truck”

  1. your fh is so nice to take pix of his lunch for you! he must be used to it by now! 🙂

    • Hehee. Yeah, he’s getting better with the picture taking. He hates writing posts. Remember when he used to guest post? We stopped that cuz he hated the writing part so much and it would take him a really long time. But he likes taking pictures.

  2. I wonder if one of the owners went to or knew about Rutgers University- they have the famous Fat sandwich/grease trucks there! So good but so bad haha.

    • Oh interesting. Yeah I’m not sure where they are from, though it looks like one of the owners is from the east coast from their bio. I want to eat one. well maybe part of one. if i ate a whole one i’d probably feel really really guilty.

  3. I think FH nailed the root for where Groggy’s name came from.

    If I ate that sandwich, I’d have to take a week-long nap. But I’m sure it would taste out of this world while I was eating it!

    • Haha. Yeah it sounds delicious and horribly bad for you all at the same time. I think I’d feel really guilty if I ate the whole thing, but would probably enjoy it while eating it.