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Hawthorn Coffee

photo of the outside of Hawthorn Coffee

Over the weekend, we went to check out Hawthorn Coffee, a craft coffeehouse run by a father-son team that opened late last year.
photo of the menu
There were quite a few menu options that caught my attention and since I was in need of a serious caffeine boost, we ended up ordering a large spread.
overhead photo of different coffee drinks

Shaye 3 ways
photo of A coffee flight of single origin Ethiopian Shaye Ayra, served three ways
A coffee flight of single origin Ethiopian Shaye Ayra, served three ways: espresso, brewed and cold brew. My favorite was the cold brew preparation, which had a smooth finish.

Sweetheart special
photo of two glasses of Espresso sweetened with vanilla and chocolate
For Valentine’s weekend, they had this special. Espresso sweetened with vanilla and chocolate and split into two glasses. I really love the coffee art here. Some places, the foam has almost completely disappeared by the time the drink hits the table, but the ones here stayed strong even after we started sipping our drinks. These were sweet and fun to drink.
photo of two espresso brown butter muffins
I was excited to see that they carry cookies from The Cravory and muffins from Bake Sale Bakery. When I go to Holsem, I always get the espresso brown butter muffins; they are some of the most amazing muffins I’ve ever eaten. However, when I got them here, I think these might have been day-old muffins. They were still soft, but they didn’t taste quite as fresh and tender as muffins baked that morning. Or maybe it was just a bad batch. Next time, I’ll just get the muffins at Holsem.

We also got a macchiato, which arrived after I had taken most of my photos and I was too tired to do more than a group shot to include it. I think they were pacing the drinks so we could enjoy the first few hot, without realizing I was waiting to for them all to arrive so I could get my photos and start drinking.
overhead photo of all the coffee drinks and muffins
Overall, we really enjoyed this coffee shop. It has an intimate and friendly feel to it and I can definitely foresee future visits for a relaxing coffee break.

I actually first learned of Hawthorn Coffee from CC who has been there multiple times. Check out her visit back in January here.

Hawthorn Coffee
3019 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116
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4 comments on “Hawthorn Coffee”

  1. I think the glorious brown butter muffins at Holsem are gone! I went in recently and asked for one and was told they switched bakers 🙁 I hope I’m wrong…

  2. Yay, I’m so glad you liked it here. The folks here are so nice!  Thanks for the “preview” of the Valentine’s drinks. They must have changed out the menu sign because my photo shows all black lettering while yours is colorful (looks nicer that way too).  Too bad about the stale muffin. We tried it before at Holsem and really liked it.  Their macchiato is quite nice here.