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Ironside Fish & Oyster

Ironside Fish & Oyster, the latest project of Consortium Holdings, opened a few months ago and has become one of the most popular new spots in San Diego. The interior is quite impressive, with its extensive bar, a piranha wall, mermaid and octopus tentacle light holders, and a raw bar.

After quite a few of my friends praised the restaurant, I had to check it out for myself.

Chef’s Choice Oysters (shigoku, kumiai, penn cove, hood canal, fish point, fanny bay)

With oyster in the name, we had to try them out. There were six choices available that day so we chose a plate of 6, with one of each. We really enjoyed these oysters and liked the accompanying relish and lemon condiments. They were fresh and not at all briny, though a little on the pricey side at nearly $3 a pop.

1 lb Lobster Roll

The lobster roll was served on a buttery toasted roll, with a side of herb fries. Lobster rolls are usually mixed with mayonnaise or butter. The version here combines both, by tossing the lobster meat in a butter mayonnaise. If you love dipping your lobster in butter, you’ll probably really enjoy this. I’ve never been a huge butter person (I don’t even like spreading butter on bread), so the butter was a little too overwhelming for me since it was on both the lobster and the roll.

Yellowtail Sandwich

Mr. K chose a yellowtail sandwich. Again, the sandwich was accompanied with a pile of golden fries. We both really enjoyed his sandwich, with had a very fresh piece of fish fillet and cole slaw. For $12 this was quite reasonable.

Overall, we had a good time here. We found it pricey, but it’s a great atmosphere  and a good place to visit with friends. You can view the lunch and dinner menu on Eater. They accept reservations, which is definitely recommended if you are planning to come here for dinner.

Ironside Fish & Oyster
1654 India St San Diego, CA 92101
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8 comments on “Ironside Fish & Oyster”

  1. highly recommend the whole fish. The whole grilled silver corvina we got last time when we went was amazing

  2. I liked Ironside a lot when I went! You should try the octopus (if you like octopus) its pricy for a single tentacle but really tasty. We went for the dollar oyster happy hour which is nearly everyday, so it was a better deal for the oysters but still hard to end up with a cheap meal, although their seafood is quite good 🙂

    • i do like octopus. i havent been able to make it there for happy hour, but that does seem like the best deal!

  3. I like the cool industrial look and that fish wall is both cool and freaky at the same time! I can imagine it feeling like all the piranha are looking at you… the lobster roll sounds/looks good to me! I like butter so I think I might like it, haha.

    • hehe, yeah i think most people like butter so it was my own weird quirk for not really enjoying it as much. I was mesmerized by that piranha wall but it might have been because i was so far away

  4. I wasn’t sure what you meant by the piranha wall until I scrolled down and saw the photo!  Kind of freaky, having all of those vicious fish there, haha.  I hope those aren’t real!  

    Great assortment of oysters!  

    • hehe, yeah that is pretty cool, but a bit freaky to look at. And there are so many!! It’s pretty impressive to look at up close

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