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Island’s New Holiday Items

Island’s recently came out with some new holiday items including spiked coffees, secret menu item beer floats and turkey burger substitutes. DH and I previously visited Island’s to try some new menu items and particularly enjoyed their cocktail offerings, so we were just as intrigued to try the new holiday menu items.

First, we had to order the spiked coffees, which are perfect for winter.

We sampled the Irish Coffee and the Cocomo Coffee.

The Irish coffee was quite strong. It pretty much tasted like a regular coffee spiked with whiskey.

I preferred the Cocomo because it was sweeter. Both drinks really hit the spot though and make nice winter beverages.

To start our meal off, we munched on some guacamole, salsa and chips. What is it about salsa and chips that is so appealing when eating it at a restaurant? I can never seem to replicate the appeal on my own at home.

Another new option at Island’s is that you can substitute a turkey patty in any of their burgers for no additional cost. I’ve had their turkey burgers before and liked the turkey patty. On this occasion though, I opted for the less healthy version and had a beef patty.

Sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, swiss & mayo

My favorite burger from Island’s when I was in college was the Hula. Sometimes the bun can get soggy, but on this occasion it stayed dry and it was served warm and toasted.

Flour tortillas stuffed with spicy chicken, cheddar, lettuce & tomatoes w/sides of salsa & ranchero beans

This was DH’s dinner choice. I only had a bite and though the chicken seemed quite moist and tender.

To end the night, we sampled a secret menu item: Porter Beer floats.

I don’t know why I never thought of this before, but of course it makes sense. This is a secret menu item so you will have to request it. I love the idea of secret menu items.

I enjoyed this dessert. The ice cream didn’t really make the beer too much sweeter though so if you don’t like the taste of beer you may not enjoy this.

We had a pleasant experience here. We particularly liked the spiked coffees, which are perfect for the chilly winter nights and the porter floats, which are great for beer lovers.

Disclosure: I was invited to sample the new holiday menu items and our meal was complimentary. However, I was not paid for this review and my opinions are my own.

(multiple locations)
3351 Nobel Drive, La Jolla Village Square
La Jolla, CA 92037

8 comments on “Island’s New Holiday Items”

  1. I love beer floats. Bert and I have been obsessed since first tasting one in Portland 3 years ago. Dark beers are the best (the chocolate stouts or porters). We usually pair it with chocolate or coffee ice cream. I didn’t really like beer until I tried a chocolate beer float, so now I’m partial to darks (but only with ice cream, not alone, ha ha).

  2. My favorite burger at Islands is the Hula, too! I ask for mine medium well, without the mayonnaise. I think the burger is already plenty moist and flavorful with the mushrooms and Swiss cheese–the mayonnaise really doesn’t add anything to the taste or texture.

    The spiked coffees look like a nice change for dessert! I’ve seen beer floats before, I believe that have something similar at Yardhouse.

    • Oh, I don’t like the mayonnaise either! I don’t know why I never thought to ask for the burger without it. I usually just wipe it off. Heh. I guess I should keep my eye out for beer floats. I never seen them until now. I really like the spiked coffees for the winter season. It really warmed me up.

  3. The burger and tacos look great!

    • My favorite part were the drinks, haha. The food wasn’t bad either but I think I’ve been so spoiled by some really great burgers that it’s sometimes hard to go back to the chain ones.

  4. the beer float would taste terrible with something light! Bert and I like to find diff’t dark beers (usually the ones flavored with chocolate or coffee) at the liquor stores and experiment. the alesmith speedway was too strong for me. we just tried the boatswain chocolate stout. a good one to try is rogue’s chocolate stout as well.

    • I think this one we were supposed to taste the coffee flavor more. Our server asked us if we did, but we honestly only tasted the ice cream and the beer. I agree darker beers would work best. Unfortunately DH doesn’t love the dark beers, even when mixed with ice cream. heh.

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