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La Fiesta

Mr. K and I were recently invited to check out the weekend brunch at La Fiesta. I’m always on the lookout for new brunch places. I was especially interested in La Fiesta because the menu consists of traditional American brunch items as well as classic Mexican dishes.

Mr. K grew up in an area with a high Mexican population, so he is often craving dishes like huevos ranchero or chilaquiles verde for brunch.

Rather than choose one dish a piece, we were served smaller portions of a variety of dishes so that we could sample as much of the brunch menu as possible.

La Fiesta Bloody Mary

We started out with the La Fiesta Blood Mary. I’ve ordered a lot of Blood Mary drinks during brunches and have seen some pretty elaborate and crazy ones, but this one had the best tasting Bloody Mary base I’ve had. The fresh chili peppers added quite a bit of heat and elevated the typical bloody mary mix.

Lobster Benedict

Lobster meat and a chipotle hollandaise sauce is served on toasted ciabatta bread, complete with a poached egg. I enjoyed the tender chunks of lobster meat and the spicy chipotle sauce. I would have liked the bread to be slightly crunchier but other than that, I enjoyed the benedict. The accompanying rancho potatoes could have been a bit crisper as well.


Crispy tortilla chips, salsa and chunks of cheese and meat. This was good and not too heavy.

Huevo Con Chorizo

The chorizo flavor was a little lost inside the scrambled eggs. I enjoyed the accompanying house made tortillas which were thick and fresh. I could easily munch on them solo.

Roast Beef Hash

The eggs were incredibly fluffy in this dish and tasted even better topped with the mushroom cream sauce. The beef was a little dry, and again, I wished the potatoes were crisper.

Nutella Stuffed Toast and PB&J Stuffed Toast

We ended our meal with a sampler of the stuffed toasts offered. It should come as no surprise that I preferred the Nutella one. The PB&J was pretty good too, and a little more unique because they used a fig jam.

We had a pretty good experience here. While I don’t usually crave Mexican dishes for brunch, I like that the menu is varied enough that I can order my traditional brunch items and Mr. K can order the Mexican brunch items he grew up eating. We’ll likely be back next time Mr. K’s friends from back home visit, as I think they would enjoy this place too. You can view the brunch menu online here.

Disclaimer: As mentioned above, our meal was complimentary. I was not compensated for this review and my opinions are my own.

La Fiesta
628 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA
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  1. That’s it! I’m moving back to San Diego!

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