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Lazy Dog Restaurant

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar recently opened in Mission Valley. It’s a popular chain with several locations in Southern California. We are always on the lookout for family friendly restaurants that actually serve good food and this one seemed promising.

As its name suggests, dogs are welcome on the outside patio. The menu selection offers quite a variety, ranging from burgers, to brick oven pizzas, to wok fired dishes.

The interior is fairly spacious. The dog theme is used throughout the restaurant, with paw prints on tables and sprinkled throughout the decor. There is a large bar area too which offers Stone and other local craft beers.

We had initially tried out the food during a media preview party. We enjoyed it enough that we wanted to come back for a more normal visit and proper review. It was such a nice day when we came back on our second trip that we opted to sit outside on the patio. There were so many cute dogs outside too.

Grilled Garlic Flatbread

I really enjoy the flatbread here. It’s very thin, but still maintains a doughy chew. It’s topped with garlic butter and Parmesan, so it’s very reminiscent of eating garlic bread, but with fewer carbs. I definitely wouldn’t mind swapping this out for traditional garlic bread from now on.

Wok Fired Calamari

The calamari is tossed in a sweet and sour plum sauce. Mr. K thought it reminded him of orange chicken. It’s served on a big bed of rice with the option for brown rice, which we chose. We first had this at the media dinner and actually found the portions at our second visit to be even bigger and better.

Cajun Fries

This was the one repeat from our media experience that didn’t quite live up. I had loved how crispy the thick cut fries were at the media party but the ones during this visit were not quite as crisp. They were still pretty good though and Mr. K kept sneaking ones before I had a chance to snap a photo.

Loaded Hush Puppies

Balls of whipped potato and bacon bits are coated and deep fried. They were light and crunchy on the outside and fully of creamy potatoes on the inside. I really enjoyed this one.

Jerk Chicken Crisp

Jerk marinated chicken is served on an oven baked lavosh crisp. This is one of their healthier (under 650 calories) options. The crisp was a little too healthy for me.

Of course we couldn’t resist some drinks.

Sparkling strawberry margarita and White Peach Sangria

We attempted to hit as many of our favorites from the media dinner and some new items we had our eye on to give a proper review, but we only had so much room! Our table was so stuffed, the server offered to move us to a bigger table.

Here are a few we didn’t get a chance to retry, but that we liked from the media party:

Naughty Maggie

This is a limited time only throwback cocktail to when they first opened. I love the black salt on the rim and the drink itself is a vibrant red and quite sweet.

Hawaiian Sticky Ribs, Umami Fries & Asian Slaw 

We also really enjoyed this limited time menu item. The pork ribs were sweet and tender and the fries are drizzled with the sweet soy sauce and spicy mayo sauces you usually find on sushi rolls.

Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese

I love the colorful plate and this was light and healthy too.

Butter Cake

We got to try a trio of desserts at the media party, but everyone’s favorite at my table was this housemade butter cake. I would have gotten it again if I had room.

We had a good time here. I like the variety of the menu and the reasonable prices. It’s a good spot to hang out with family, friends, or dogs. We’ll likely be taking some of Mr. K’s family when they come to visit. The full menu is available online, including prices.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar
1202 Camino Del Rio N
San Diego CA 92108
Lazy Dog on Urbanspoon

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16 comments on “Lazy Dog Restaurant”

  1. Glad you liked Lazy Dog! I really enjoyed those hush puppies too. And the butter cake 🙂

  2. Thank you for the recommendation!

  3. Thank you for the review! I was wondering if you had any ideas for a mid priced birthday dinner in San Diego? My birthday is coming up and since I don’t eat out a whole lot I don’t know where to begin! I love all types of cuisine but I’d like to go somewhere my friends and I can walk around afterwards. Any ideas?

  4. I saw someone post about this place on Instagram and was immediately drawn to it since it’s dog-friendly. The person said they had a dog menu which I thought was so cute! The food looks pretty good, the loaded hush puppies look/sound really really good.

    • Oh I did see a few dogs eating. Not sure if it was from the dog menu. I really wanted to bring my puppy I don’t yet own. lol.

  5. The exterior looks familiar. Did this used to be another restaurant?

  6. I’m looking forward to trying this place. Too often S and I are shopping at Fashion or Mission Valley and there’s nothing to eat nearby after the mall closes (except the Cheesecake Factory).

    • I know what you mean. There’s a lot of chain places in that area, but most I don’t like. I was pleasantly surprised and happy with this place.

  7. Similar experience there last weekend. Definitely a nice addition to the local chain scene. For some reason, and I never order it in a restaurant, I got the meatloaf and was a bit disappointed with it. But that will learn me for taking meat advice from our vegetarian waitress.

    Also of note, when it cooled off outside (we were on the patio) they turned on the outdoor heaters over the tables and, as almost always is the case, it was too hot. Apparently they are all individually operated and numbered so the waiter was able to turn off the one over our table. A really nice feature…

    • Oh that is nice with the individually operated heaters. I don’t think I’ve ever really had great meatloaf at a restaurant. I think it’s just such a homemade classic, much better to eat at home. And yes, this is one chain I’m quite happy about in SD. There’s not many I care for.

  8. Sooo cute! The food looks delicious, maybe I could beg them to open here in NC;)

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