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Luong Hai Ky Restaurant

Before my friends came to visit this weekend, I asked them what they were in the mood to eat. I got a vague response of “noodles.” When asked to elaborate, I got “some sort of asian noodles.”

So I decided to take them to Luong Hai Ky which has a menu full of noodles.  Luong Hai Ky is a vietnamese restaurant specializing in chinese/vietnamese style noodle dishes. Most of the noodle dishes use either egg or rice noodles and the majority of the menu is made up of noodles soups and some stir fried noodle dishes.

The menu is pretty expansive (and can be found on their website), and the place is run similar to that of a pho restaurant.

I haven’t  been to one of these restaurants in a while. When they first started appearing, I loved going to these kind of restaurants for a quick cheap bite. But as time as passed, the quality of food has gone down and the prices have gone up.

After much debating, I chose the a stir fried combination “chow fun” noodle dish. Chow fun noodles are a chewy rice noodle usually in wide strips. The combination of ingredients included broccoli, baby corn, carrots, bok choy, shrimp, beef and bbq pork.

The dish was served with such a big heap of ingredients that I couldn’t even see my noodles.  I liked how many ingredients came with this dish since some places skimp on the ingredients and serve mainly noodles.

Each noodle dish was also accompanied with a bowl of broth.

Future Husband (“FH”) opted to try the crispy fried egg noodles, with the combination toppings. There are two types of fried egg noodles. One is cooked “soft” style which is like chow mein noodles. The crispy style is deep fried, and it is usually a nest of crispy egg noodles which is topped with vegetables and meat and thick cornstarch sauce.This is one of his favorite noodle dishes, though we’ve had a hard time finding a good version of it.

The one we had that night was pretty good. Of course my expectations for this dish have becoming extremely low since we’ve had such bad versions. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t hate this rendition. The noodles were crispy and the sauce was not overly starchy.

My friends both opted for the “soft” fried egg noodles. It’s basically like what is you would see when you order chow mein noodles except these use the skinny egg noodles rather than the thicker noodles usually used for chow mein. The noodles looked a lot better in person than I captured with this picture.

Luong Hai Ky Restaurant
10606 Camino Ruiz Ste 2
San Diego, CA 92126

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6 comments on “Luong Hai Ky Restaurant”

  1. I love your blog! and….what a coincidence, this is actually my family restaurant! (that is until we ran into a few family issues) but we used to have a few here in LA, but they’ve all closed down since then. I’ve actually never been to this location, I don’t recognize it. hahas but super cool for reading this post and bringing back old memories!

    • I’m glad you like my blog! Oh wow, your family used to own this chain of restaurants? How neat! Did you eat there often?

  2. Hey Kirbie – LHK used to be much better when under previous management. They used to have the best broth. There’s a long story as to what happened with the place; and it’s a mere shadow of its former self.

    • That’s too bad. None of the these chinese/vietnamese fusion noodle shops seem to be very good anymore.

  3. I tried this place few months back – on a cold, rainy Sat afternoon for late lunch.

    We had their wonton noodle soup special (I think it was like $4.50 at the time) and thought it was ok. The meat/shrimp in the wonton tasted a bit too ‘off’ for our liking but the broth was nice.

    Also had their fried spicy chicken wings and found them to be ‘meh’ (nothing has compared to Phoung Trang’s wings thus far for me).

    Overall, it’s decent , affordable place to eat 🙂

    Did they have a location next to the Chopstix on Convoy (it’s now Phat restaurant or something)?

    • Yes there used to be a location which is now Phat. I went once and it was pretty bad. I thought this location is better. I still need to try the wings at Phoung Trang!

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