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M.I. Tea Express

We recently tried out M.I. Tea Express, a new tea cafe that is currently in its soft opening stage. It’s located around the corner from Zion Market, across from Taegukgi BBQ House.

I really love how the relocation of Zion Market has brought about so much business to what was once a pretty empty and vacant plaza.

The store was pretty bare, but they were up and running. The helpful employee who took our order said that the name is pronounced “M.I.T” as in “Made in Taiwan.” I don’t think the owners are actually Taiwanese though. My thought is that it is supposed to be similar to a Taiwanese tea place.

The drink menu was a little confusing because they have a lot of drink names that are not the usual ones and there’s no description provided. Luckily, the employees described each of their top drinks in detail.

Ying Yang Icicles

This is a milk slushy drink with black sugar syrup. It was quite sweet, so next time we’ll have to ask for less sugar. Black sugar syrup is often used on Taiwanese desserts now because it’s supposedly healthier. I found the boba to be too soft in texture.

Rose Blossom

According to the employee, this is their most popular drink. I liked that it was filled with jellies and basil seeds, but it was a little too fruity for me and I didn’t really like the artificial rose syrup. Mr. K enjoyed this though so he finished mine as well.

I realize this place is still in its soft opening stages, so I’ll give it some time to settle in before visiting again. It is nice to have another tea cafe option and I hope the menu at this place will expand as well to include snacks and desserts.

M.I. Tea Express
7655 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92111

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2 comments on “M.I. Tea Express”

  1. I didn’t even notice this place – I think I’m stopping by Hmart tonight so I’ll look for it when I’m there. The Ying Yang Icicle looks yummy but I think it’s b/c I’m craving an iced coffee and that drink looks like a fudgey coffee drink to me right now 🙂

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