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Mangia Mangia Food Truck

Mangia Mangia is a San Diego food truck that offers gourmet Italian food. Owner Marko has a passion for Italian food, having worked as a waiter both in Italy and in the US for over 20 years before deciding to start his own food truck.

The truck has been opened just shy of a year and already was featured on Food Network/Cooking Channel’s “Eat St.” program. They were named one of the best San Diego food trucks by San Diego Union Tribune and recently took second place in a San Diego Food Truck Wars.

On Thursday nights, you can even get a 5 course meal for $20 when Mangia Mangia parks in front of the 57 Degrees Wine Shop in Mission Hills.

On FH’s visit, he chose the meatball panini sandwich ($7), and a side of fries.

He thought the sandwich was good, but not particularly impressive and a bit overpriced at $7.

He also got the homemade tiramisu which he enjoyed much more.

Marko was very friendly, answering all of FH’s questions and even posing for a picture. He invited us to check out his Thursday night prix fixe meal, which I hope to do so soon.

You can learn more about Mangia Mangia from their website or follow them on twitter @MangiaTruck

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2 comments on “Mangia Mangia Food Truck”

  1. I Kirbie, there were about twenty trucks gathered off Convoy on Tuesday. Too bad it was raining cats and dogs. Anyway, I can’t believe how many food trucks there are now in SD!

    • Yeah it is too bad that it was raining! I was surprised how many went. I couldn’t attend but I wanted to. I can’t believe it either. I still remember you posting when there were only like 3. And now there’s around 40!