Marble Castella Cake

Since I’ve made honey castella cake several times, I wanted to make some variations.  The other day, I made two castella cakes. Originally, one was supposed to be a matcha one and one was supposed to be a marble one. For the matcha one, I forgot to add the matcha powder. This one is the marble one.

I think I over marbled my cake. I would have liked there to be more distinct lines.

For those of you unfamiliar with castella cake (also called kasutera cake), it is a popular japanese sponge cake. It’s different from most sponge cakes in that it doesn’t use oil or butter, it doesn’t require separating the eggs, and it has a tighter, denser crumb rather than a light and airy crumb.


Making a castella cake can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad. You can read my posts here and here to find out the steps I took to finally master the castella cake.

For this cake, I used the same recipe I’ve been using, which can be found here. I took half the batter and added 1 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder. Then I alternated pouring the batter into the pan and then used a knife to swirl the batter around.

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  1. Hello Kirby! That’s one delicious looking cake! I tried making a plain castella cake yesterday morning for the first time (: While it turned out fine and everything… the top crust was literally black! Yours looks so lovely and golden! Do you have any tips for this?

    • Hmm, you might want to try tenting your cake with some aluminum foil on top if you cake is turning black. The crust should be very dark around the edge of the cake (usually you cut off all four edges and only serve the middle), but it shouldn’t be black. So try tenting your cake with some aluminum foil to prevent it turning black or maybe try adjusting the rows in your oven.

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