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Mostra Coffee

photo of the outside of Mostra Coffee

Mostra Coffee is one of many small coffee roasters that have popped up in San Diego these last few years. One of the main reasons it’s managed to stand out is its selection of cold brews, including it’s nitro cold brew offerings and collaborations with local breweries.
photo of the specials menu
We’ve sampled a lot of cold brew coffees, especially since it seems every coffee shop offers it now, but our favorite has been Mostra Coffee. The high quality roasts paired with their creative flavor combinations make their cold brews quite unique. We’ve been drinking their offerings from many of the restaurants in San Diego and we decided it was finally time to visit the source.

We love drinking cold brew because of the lower acidity content, making it easier on the stomach. For those unfamiliar, cold brew essentially is just coffee that is brewed with cold rather than hot water. The coffee grounds are steeped in cold water for at least 12 hours. It’s actually something you can prepare at home, but I still prefer to try out variations that others have come up with.
photo of a marker board drinks menu
Currently, their facility is only open to the public Wednesdays and Saturdays. Their menu consists of pour-overs, espresso drinks, and cold brews. They also carry a selection of pastries.
photo of the coffee roaster
Once inside, we were immediately given a friendly and welcoming greeting and a quick introduction. Most people come for the daily menu specials or to get a refill on their coffee beans or cold brews. There is one communal table where you can sit and enjoy your coffee and if you’re lucky, you might be around when they bring out a sample of the latest concoctions they are working on.
close-up photo of the roaster

Brazil on Nitro
photo of a cup of Brazil on Nitro
Harder to recreate in your own home is nitro cold brew, where cold brew is infused with nitrogen gas. The effect is an ultra smooth finish that tastes like a non-alcoholic stout. We ordered one during our recent visit and also brought a bottle to-go.

photo of Mostra-Chata drink
Also being offered that day was their Mostr-chata, a mix of cold brew and homemade horchata. We really enjoyed this as well. The sweetness of regular horchata was cut down by the coffee and it had a creamy, clean finish.
photo of the wall art
Overall, we really enjoyed our visit here to the facility and we plan on coming back much more often. The owners and staff were just so friendly and we really enjoy the coffee here. It’s definitely worth a visit and their coffees are also shipped nationwide through Holiday Wine Cellar.

Mostra Coffee
12225 World Trade Dr, San Diego, CA 92128

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2 comments on “Mostra Coffee”

  1. Kirby, I was looking for copycat recipes for this Monstra coffee – have you tried replicating them even without the infused nitrogen gas?

    • I’m slightly confused, which one of their coffee drinks are you trying to replicate? Not all of their drinks use nitrogen. While I have not tried to replicate any of theirs, they do sell beans and you could make your own pour over, cold brew, etc.

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