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New Stone Brewing- Liberty Station

The popular Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens just opened a second location in Liberty Station. I was so excited when I found out because I’m always too lazy to drive to the original Escondido location.

I’ve always enjoyed Stone mainly for the beer variety, but we decided to have lunch during our visit. I highly recommend making reservations because they were pretty booked and were turning away walk-ins who wanted a table in the dining room.

Arrogant Bastard, Monkey Paw Sweet Georgia

Of course no visit to Stone is complete without some beers.

Bruschetta BLT Sandwich

The menu actually had quite a variety, with a lot of Asian influenced dishes. However, we’ve never been too impressed with the food and we took a peek at some of the entrees at other tables and thought they looked small for the price, so I stuck with a simple sandwich.

This was disappointing. It felt like biting into a giant lettuce filled salad without any dressing. The sandwich was made up mainly of raw lettuce, tomatoes marinated in oil and vinegar, and a few strips of bacon. It was really bland and I didn’t really care for the bread either.

Pretzel Grilled Cheese

Instead of potato fries, this was served with fried sticks of firm tofu seasoned with garlic. We both really liked the tofu fries and Mr. K asked me to try to make it at home for him. The grilled cheese was also pretty good, though I’m not sure why it’s called a pretzel grilled cheese since it doesn’t use pretzel bread and there doesn’t appear to be any pretzel anywhere.

I’m happy to see that Stone has opened another location. So far, this location has more of a standard restaurant feel. I’m not sure how the exterior will look once the construction is complete. They do plan on adding the gardens. I like the use of the boulder rocks decorating the front of the restaurant.

There is also a bar area if you don’t want to dine in. Next time I’ll go back to skipping on the food and just come for the beer.

Here were the beer offerings the day we visited.

It’s quite hard to find the restaurant because there is no signage. Look for the Barracks 14 building with Ballast Point Gallery and the restaurant is in the the building to the right of it when you are facing the Barracks (I couldn’t get a clear picture of the restaurant or fit it into this frame. Below is a photo of the Barracks 14 and then there is a walkway to the right which connects to another building which houses Stone).

Stone Brewing World Bistro & Garden
2816 Historic Decatur Rd #116‎
San Diego, CA 92106

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2 comments on “New Stone Brewing- Liberty Station”

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this place too. UT San Diego had a nice article about this place too. The fried tofu sticks look awesome. I think that would be fun to try to replicate. Hey, is every building and/or restaurant in Liberty Station pink?

    • The buildings are all a light tan color. I think the super bright sunshine made it look pinkish. The fried tofu sticks reminded me of the fried snacks at the boba tea places.

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