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Whenever people are visiting San Diego, they almost always ask me for fish taco recommendations. Mr. K and I actually don’t indulge in fish tacos that often. He loves them but I’m not as much of a fan. We have a few go-to spots, but I thought it was time we made some new rounds to see if there are better spots we should be recommending.

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood is a popular spot for fish tacos as well as other seafood items. They recently opened a second location, which has a little more seating and is less crowded. We stopped in this weekend for a fish taco snack.

Battered fish taco (cabbage, onion, tomato, cilantro)

We started with an order of the battered fish taco. This was a pretty standard fish taco. It was topped with the usual fixings, but nothing really stood out about it.

Smoked fish taco (cabbage, avocado, cheese)

I’ve never had a smoked fish taco and it’s not something I often see on the menu, so this was a little more unique. The taco had a good amount of smoked fish, but I found it to be too salty, even though it had fresh avocado and cabbage to balance the salted fish.

Taco Especial (smoked fish, shrimp, scallop; tomatoes, onion, avocado, cilantro, cheese)

This taco was loaded with scallops, shrimp and smoked fish. The three main ingredients worked well together, and the smoked fish flavor no longer overwhelmed. This was our favorite taco of the trio.

We had mixed reviews based on the three tacos we sampled. I wasn’t that impressed with the fish taco. I did like the taco especial and I do want to come back and try a few more menu options.

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood
746 Emerald St
San Diego, CA 92109

Original Location:
703 Turquoise St
San Diego, CA 92109
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10 comments on “Oscar’s Mexican Seafood”

  1. The smoked fish taco is my favorite! I don’t remember it being salty just spicy. I recommend the surf and turf or ceviche or fruit water. I usually take visiting friends here as a change from the usual carne asada.

  2. i’m glad to read this review as i’ve never eaten at Oscar’s yet. In the pictures the tacos look good… i might try them myself the next time I’m in the neighborhood – – even with the mixed reviews
    ; – )

    my all time fav fish taco is at the Brigantine, Del Mar location. It’s different at the other locations…. Del Mar fish tacos rock!! They have the traditional breaded which is the very best. they also have the grilled mahi mahi and shrimp tacos which are both “ok/fine”. stil lwith the fried (standard) fish taco with a squirt of scirracha and a squeeze of lime. It kicks butt over all other local fish taco places.



    • I think this place is still worth a visit! A lot of interesting choices you can’t get elsewhere. I will try Brigantine next time. thanks!

  3. The smoked fish taco intrigues me simply because I haven’t found anyone else do one. I love smoked meats. I’ll definitely have to try the one with shrimp and scallops!

  4. Wow, what a great combination – scallops, smoked fish and shrimp! I want to try that if I ever go here. Sounds delicious!

    Regarding the smoked fish taco, you can find those at any mariscos place (there are many down here in CV). it wil be labeled as ‘marlin’.

    • Oh thanks for the info! I’ve only been to one of the mariscos once and we really had no clue what we were ordering at the time.

  5. i ALWAYS get the especial taco but if im super hungry ill add the smoked fish. were you able to try the sauces in the squeeze bottles as well? there is a creamy chipotle, a spicy red pepper, and a creamy green one that tastes like garlic but i think they put tears of angels in it, its that darn good!!!! those sauces really add that umph that makes Oscars my go-to taco shop! also, i like how the give little cups of fish soup with your order. its like eating at a taco truck!

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