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Pappalecco is a popular Italian cafe in San Diego with two locations.

I recently revisited the Little Italy location. While they offer a full menu, Pappalecco is most well known for their gelato and coffee drinks. I blogged previously about the new payment method being accepted in now more than 60 locations in San Diego, LevelUp. Pappalecco is one of the participating locations and last week, they were running a promotion offering $10 credit (it’s now back to $1).

So I stopped in after dinner for some gelato and desserts.

I’ve never actually been to Italy to experience gelato there, but Pappalecco is one of my favorite spots for gelato in San Diego. The flavors taste natural and the texture is creamy and thick without being gummy or icy, which I’ve experienced at other gelato places.

I chose a mix of hazelnut and pistachio.

I also picked up two biscotti cookies: almond flavored and plain.

The cookies were big but I didn’t particularly love them, so next time I’ll pass on them. But I did still enjoy the gelato and love coming here for gelato whenever I’m in the area. You can read about my original visit here.

Here’s the easy levelup machine at the register. Just have the app open on your phone and put your phone in front of it and it quickly scans it and you’re done. Quicker than running a credit card.

1602 State St
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 238-4590

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