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On New Year’s Day, we had lunch at QT Pot with Mr. K’s family. Quite a few years ago, my mom started this tradition of us eating hot pot on New Year’s Day, and so now I crave hot pot every New Year’s Day.

QT Pot specializes in individual hot pots and also offered some entrees as well.

Combination Lo Mein

My father-in-law chose to order stir fried lo-mein. He cleared his plate, so I think he enjoyed it.

Salt and Pepper Wings

Our favorite item to get here are the salt and pepper wings. The wings come out extremely crunchy and moist and have a good amount of salt and pepper seasoning, with some diced bell peppers thrown into the mix too. Mr. K’s family really enjoyed the wings too.

Beef Hot Pot

Mr. K ordered the beef hot pot. He really enjoyed the flavor of the broth and there was a good amount of ingredients, to the point that he had trouble finishing.

Lamb Hot Pot

I chose the lamb hot pot. I found my soup to be too bland. I was also a little disappointed that it came with flat glass noodles rather than the udon noodles which are pictured on the menu.

Tomato Vegetarian Hot Pot

My brother-in-law chose this one. The photo in the menu depicted a red broth, which made us think it was a tomato-flavored broth, but it wasn’t. Instead it was a plain, uncolored, vegetarian broth that tasted extremely watery.

Overall, while we still love the wings, the hot pots were a little bit hit or miss. I was disappointed with how watery some of the broths were. It made me miss the individual hot pots in Taiwan where there are dozens of broth flavors to choose from including milk broths that taste like chowder. The portions were filling, but I feel like the menu needs to be updated to better reflect the pots actually being served.

You can read about my previous visits here and here.

QT Pot
9201 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126

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8 comments on “QT Pot”

  1. I want the wings too! San Diego Food Net also recommended them. Your hot pot pictures look so appetizing! It’s not gonna be “cold” in san diego for long so I better visit soon haha!

  2. My dad is a regular there and he HAS to order their chicken wings every time because they’re that good. And considering he can be pretty picky, you know when he says something is good, it’s GOOD. When he took me, he wasn’t kidding! I, too, enjoyed the fried fish dish that you ordered from your last visit too!

  3. We’ve gotten the squid the last two times (very tasty) but may try the chicken next.  
    Also we got the curry broth both times which came with fairly thick glass noodles the first time and udon the second.  I wonder if it’s just random?  I was actually looking forward to the glass noodles — they remind me of Hawaii and chicken long rice.

  4. Wings. I gotta try the wings on my next visit!