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Ramen Ryoma

Ramen Ryoma recently opened in San Diego, specializing in Sapporo-style ramen. Located in Kearny Mesa, this is the first of several planned San Diego shops.
photo of Deluxe Ryoma Ramen dish at Ryoma Ramen restaurant

The restaurant is quite spacious, with plenty of small and large tables.
photo of the outside of Ryoma Ramen
Juicy Chicken Karaage
photo of Juicy Chicken Karaage
The battered and fried chicken pieces were indeed quite juicy as the menu promises. I quite enjoyed the karaage, though the strong mirin flavor might be a turn off for some.

Deluxe Ryoma Ramen
photo of Deluxe Ryoma Ramen
I chose the shio (salt) broth. The broth had strong pork notes, but was a little too oily for me. The wavy egg noodles were a little overcooked, but they still had some chew to them. The wavy texture allows the broth to cling on quite well.
photo of chopsticks holding wavy egg noodles
My deluxe order came with three generous slices of chashu. The thick slices were unfortunately a tad overcooked and the leaner meat parts tasted quite dry.

The egg, while it could have used a little longer marinating time, was perfectly cooked with a soft runny yolk inside.

Shoyu Ramen (Large)
photo of a large order of Shoyu Ramen
Mr. K chose a large sized bowl of the shoyu (soy sauce) ramen.
overhead photo of Shoyu Ramen
The broth was far too salty for drinking. While my chashu had been dry, this one quite nicely cooked. It had the soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture I was looking for, but we both found it to be very salty.

Overall, our first visit here wasn’t that impressive. The ramen had some issues and our ramen took nearly half an hour to be ready. However, the restaurant only just opened so hopefully they will continue to improve.

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Ramen Ryoma
9119 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92123

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3 comments on “Ramen Ryoma”

  1. I have this place bookmarked to try. The takoyaki looks interesting. That’s unfortunate about the ramen broth being salty as the soup is my favorite part of the (ramen)..

  2. I got dry over cooked chashu and karaage Kirbie. My noodles were over-cooked and because of how oily the broth is; globlets of oil stuck to the noodles. My second visit was a bit better; but this time the chashu was too salty. Asked for my noodles firm and it came out better.

    • goblets of oil on noodles does not sound good at all! Glad it was a bit better on your second visit. Hopefully they’ll continue to improve. So many new ramen places have opened, but Menya set a pretty high standard.