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Regents Pizzeria

Regents Pizzeria
4150 Regents Park Row
Suite 170

La Jolla
, CA 92037
(858) 550-0406

I've known of Regents Pizzeria for a long time, but I never bothered to check it out. It advertises both NY style and Chicago style pizza. As both styles are hard to get right, it seems a place that offers both would not be able to do either that well. I've tried plenty of NY style pizza places in San Diego, and found very few to be satisfying.

This weekend, Boyfriend and I tried out Regents Pizzeria when we got a coupon for a free cheese slice of their NY pizza.  To our surprise, we really liked it. The crust was crunchy, thin and tasted like a NY style crust.  The sauce was also flavorful and plentiful on the pizza. We were impressed enough to go back the next night and get a whole pizza.

Before we went, I looked up Regents Pizzeria on yelp. A lot of people raved about the Chicago style pizza. So I wanted to try that out too.  We ended up getting a small Chicago Pizza and a NY style pizza. 

The Chicago style pizza takes 45 minutes to bake. We got the classic Windy pizza which is just a cheese pizza.  The crust is made up of two layers of crust, with a thick layer of cheese in between. I don't know too much about Chicago-style pizza. I've only had it a few times. I just know that it is deep dish style. I thought this was pretty tasty. Boyfriend liked the tomato sauce. I don't know if it's "authentic" but I liked it.

For the Ny pizza, we got half pepperoni and half white. The crust was just right and the pizza was tasty. Not necessarily the best NY pizza, but it was a pretty decent version of NY pizza.  And I don't have go to Hillcrest or North Park to get the pizza.

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6 comments on “Regents Pizzeria”

  1. I LOVE this place. I only get the NY style, but its excellent. Best part is its really close.
    Steve Soon

  2. lol funny we did a pizza post at the same time! i always saw regents, but never tried it…i heard the best ny pizza is in dt? i had it once but i don’t remember much of it. but that’s a nice local joint esp for ucsd students that don’t want dominos cardboard pizza. was it pretty expensive tho?

  3. Love their white pizza! Haven’t tried their Chicago style, though…

  4. I wish you had told me you liked it earlier! I always thought it was bad.

  5. One of my fav ny pizza places is Bronx. I’m sure there are other good ones, but I’m usually too lazy to deal with parking in downtown, hillcrest, etc. Yes, it’s great that there is a good pizza place so close to ucsd. The prices are pretty reasonable.

  6. I love white pizza. Always order it. Boyfriend doesn’t like it cuz he loves tomato sauce. So we always gotta do half and half.

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